Tuesday, September 18, 2012

recap...boring, but necessary.

Everyday at nap time I think about catching up on blogging, I mean i haven't even posted about baby #2!  But, it always seems so daunting when I'm so behind...so i don't....and then I'm just further behind...oy. 

Buuuuuut....here I am!  Hoping to get all caught up today so that it's enjoyable to blog again and Im hoping to journal about this pregnancy before the baby is born!  And it saddens me to see that I haven't posted just about Makenzie and how she's growing and what she's doing for my own records...so here's to being better!  

I posted a ton of pictures from our summer trips (except for our Labor Day vacay to Indiana, that to come).  But, for my own journaling I'm just going to recap the last couple of months, minus details on this pregnancy.  This is going to be a long one...

JUNE:  We started the month with visitors and ended the month with visitors.  June was such a fun month for us also because that's when we learned baby #2 was on the way and I was not yet sick!  Jake's nephews Josh and Jeremy came and stayed with us for the first 10 days of June and we had a ton of fun!  We also had a quick one day visit from Jake's mom and Grandma and I was able to spend the day with them and take Gram to see her 96 year old brother who lives in Maryland!  It was a really special reunion and I was so happy to be there!  We then ended the month with a visit from Jake's Dad!   It was supposed to be a fun father/son weekend spent at the FedEx Golf Classic.  I had bought Jake and his dad tickets for Father's Day.  But, mother nature had other plans and we had a crazy wind storm on the Friday night he was here and the power did not come back on until after he had flown back to Utah on Monday!  It was a hot, hot weekend with no AC and nothing to do since very few businesses had any power as well!   The tournament was even shut down to viewers.  They were lucky enough to spend half-day Friday at the tournament and had a great time!  
Kenz and Daddy on Father's Day 
Father's Day feast of steak, stuffed mushrooms, and grilled shrimp!
Had a blast at an outdoor concert where Kenz danced the night away!
Birthday BBQ for friends!
Jake and his dad watching the golf tournament.
JULY:  I already posted pictures from this month, but July was spent in Utah and being sick.  We had the best 3 weeks in Utah and I was so lucky to be able to see my family as well.  The Reynolds family vacation to Park City was a blast and it was fun doing something a little different from our usual beach trip, and it was so fun being there over July 4th.  Mom Reynolds did her 2nd annual knock-your-socks-off cousin camp for all the grandkids.  They had a ton of fun and she went above and beyond!   Once my family came into town I spent the next 5 days with them.  I got back July 16th and didn't leave the couch for a couple weeks due to nausea and vomiting.  Jake's sis offered to have Makenzie stay with them for a week so I could rest.  It was such a blessing!  The last weekend of July was spent at the Jersey Shore, where we met to pick up Makenzie.  We had a great, relaxing weekend with O'Neils! 
Makenzie, Alexa, Kira, and Eliza on the back porch of their beach house.

watching the storm come in...unbelievable!
morning strolls on the beach were so relaxing
Happy to be with our girl again!

AUGUST:  We spent every night glued to the TV the end of July and first of August watching the Olympics!  Before we left for Indiana on the 28th, August was a very mellow month for us!  It was nice being home and starting to feel a little better.  My mom came and stayed with us for a week to help me.  It was wonderful having her here to help me cook dinner, take care of Makenzie, and run errands!    We also got a new car!  Hello Honda Pilot!  I'm kind of obsessed with it.   We also spent alot of time in forts around the house :)  One day Jake came home and I had two chairs with a sheet draped of them.  He said it was an embarrassment to forts and told M that he was build her an awesome one...and that he did.  It was quite large and we spent the next week in it!  We ate every meal in the fort, played games, read books, and just hung out in there.  It was alot of fun and Kenz loved it!
my new ride :)
Makenzie hanging out in her fort!

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Oh my goodness I love your car! We actually just bought a pilot too except ours is silver, I LOVE it!