Sunday, September 30, 2012

Labor Day on the lake

We spent the last few days of August and first part of September, including Labor Day weekend in Indy!  We had a great time seeing friends and spending lots of time with family!  We spent Labor Day weekend on a houseboat with all 20 Ingrams!  We had great weather and a great time!  Dale Hollow is an absolutely beautiful lake and since i spent many summers growing up doing this same thing it is one of my "happy places" full of fun memories  :)
Makenzie was so brave and went down the slide with daddy!
the fellas ski outing 
Jake skiing like a champ!
cutest girls ever! 
movie night for the kids!
successful fishing time with Grandpa!
Makenzie was obsessed with tubing!  she kept wanting to go faster!
such a silly girl!
a little rain never hurt anyone! 
jump after jump after jump! she was in heaven!

Steph, momma, me, and Jules
While in Indy the girls also got away for a night and had a blast shopping and eating and lots of laughing in Brown County, Indiana.  I also was able to have a night out with my girlfriends!  There were 2 new babies that I had yet to meet as well! 
Makenzie, Me, Baby Yeva, Michelle, Carly, baby Garrett, Allison and Lydia!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Potty training...aka patience training

Last week I decided to dive head first into potty training.  It was the perfect week to do it with no big plans and rain in the forecast for the entire first day.  Makenzie has been ready for this for awhile but with all of our traveling and then my can't-get-off-the-couch-nausea, I kept putting it off, but the time had come!  So far things have been pretty far as the potty part goes.  The staying home that was hard!  

Day 1- we went straight to her "big girl undies"!  I knew that she wouldn't go if she was naked, so we skipped that and just slapped on the panties!  And that made it all the more exciting for her.  She had a great first day with zero accidents and even told me she had to go once or twice.  All the other times it was me asking her and she would tell me yes or no.  It was surprising how long she would go in first I was hounding her every 20-30 minutes and then I realized I didn't need to do that with her.  We did about 2,326 crafts the first day and it was actually a really fun day at home!

Day 2- Decided to meet some friends at a park for a quick get-outside-and-run visit.  At first I was asking her a lot and then got busy chatting and forgot and she told it was running down her leg....ooops!  I did have a change of clothes for her so we just changed and played a little more and than came back home.

Day 3- I decided it would not be good for our relationship to just stay home anymore....and then we all woke up sick :(  So much for getting out and playing.  Poor girl woke us up @ 5am on Thurs morning with a 103 temp.  So the day started out snuggling and watching movies, but after her nap you would never know she had ever had a fever or been sick!  She was running around and was her normal silly self, but we couldn't play with any friends so it was another day inside...just the 2 of us...

Day 4 and after-  We resumed our normal routine once the weekend rolled around.  She had done great and I knew she would be fine even if we were out and about.  We are now a week in and only had the one accident on day 2!!  We even went to a baseball game on Saturday!  At the game she did tell us 4 times that she had to go and only really went once....that was a little annoying, but she's doing a great job and we've been so proud of her!  

Big girl panties and paper bag crafts!  :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh yea....we're having a baby!!

Sunday, June 17-  I will probably figure out sometime later this week if I'm pregnant or not, so why not take one today and surprise Jake on Father's Day!?  Gave Jake a card from me and Makenzie and then his gifts and then told him I had one other present.  I gave him a card that just said "Happy Father's Day, I can't wait to meet you, love baby #2"  We both started crying (tears of joy)!   He was so excited!!   I'm only 4 weeks.

5 weeks-  already starting to feel nauseous :(  We told Mom and Dad Reynolds over Skype this week!  We had Makenzie put on a "BIG SISTER" shirt.

6 weeks- Told the Reynolds family in Park City!  We just had M walk around in her BIG SISTER shirt and slowly people started smiling until everyone had figured it out!  So nice to tell them since I wasn't feeling myself.

7 weeks- Started throwing up already :(   Told Mom and Dad Ingram in Utah this week!  Called the rest of the fam on the phone and had Makenzie tell them!

8 weeks- Very rough week for me.  Zero energy and throwing up a few times a day.  Having a hard time trying to take care of Makenzie and myself.  We are watching a lot of movies right now.  But we had our first Dr's appointment and got to see the little peanut with an ultrasound!

9 weeks- Makenzie spent the week with the O'Neils in CT.  We are missing her alot, but she's having fun with her cousins.  Such a blessing to have her there so that I can just rest and focus on feeling better.  I am starting to improve and my energy is slowly returning.  I get sick first thing every morning and at night.  The middle of the day is my best time.
I can't get enough peaches, cranberry juice, oranges, cereal, and buffalo chicken pizza :)
won't be able to eat for awhile- Cafe Rio :(  and cannot drink water, gag! 

10 weeks- Mom came and stayed with us!  So nice having the help still!  Still improving little by little, only getting sick 1-2 times/day.  

12 weeks-  Heard a strong heartbeat at the Dr's office today!  Haven't gotten sick for an entire week!!  I even walked a mile and ran 1/2 mile! It felt great! Still feeling very nauseous but can keep it under control with eating.  I go to bed really early every night just bc i'm feeling so nauseous.  Only fit comfortably in a few pants.  
I love oranges (have about 3 a day), cereal, goldfish, bbq baked lays, ice cream, rice, and hot pockets (weird?)
do not like chocolate....(whats up with that??)

13 weeks- Had another ultrasound where I got to see a very detailed little body!  I saw it kick a few times on the screen!  Also, made our new public this week!  

16 weeks- feeling much better!  Only mild nausea throughout the day.  Felt teeny tiny baby kicks this week!!  Heard a strong heartbeat (130) at an appointment!  Ran/walked 2 miles, twice this week!  Feels really good to exercise!
I love apples, bananas, strawberries, water, and cereal.  

recap...boring, but necessary.

Everyday at nap time I think about catching up on blogging, I mean i haven't even posted about baby #2!  But, it always seems so daunting when I'm so i don't....and then I'm just further behind...oy. I am!  Hoping to get all caught up today so that it's enjoyable to blog again and Im hoping to journal about this pregnancy before the baby is born!  And it saddens me to see that I haven't posted just about Makenzie and how she's growing and what she's doing for my own here's to being better!  

I posted a ton of pictures from our summer trips (except for our Labor Day vacay to Indiana, that to come).  But, for my own journaling I'm just going to recap the last couple of months, minus details on this pregnancy.  This is going to be a long one...

JUNE:  We started the month with visitors and ended the month with visitors.  June was such a fun month for us also because that's when we learned baby #2 was on the way and I was not yet sick!  Jake's nephews Josh and Jeremy came and stayed with us for the first 10 days of June and we had a ton of fun!  We also had a quick one day visit from Jake's mom and Grandma and I was able to spend the day with them and take Gram to see her 96 year old brother who lives in Maryland!  It was a really special reunion and I was so happy to be there!  We then ended the month with a visit from Jake's Dad!   It was supposed to be a fun father/son weekend spent at the FedEx Golf Classic.  I had bought Jake and his dad tickets for Father's Day.  But, mother nature had other plans and we had a crazy wind storm on the Friday night he was here and the power did not come back on until after he had flown back to Utah on Monday!  It was a hot, hot weekend with no AC and nothing to do since very few businesses had any power as well!   The tournament was even shut down to viewers.  They were lucky enough to spend half-day Friday at the tournament and had a great time!  
Kenz and Daddy on Father's Day 
Father's Day feast of steak, stuffed mushrooms, and grilled shrimp!
Had a blast at an outdoor concert where Kenz danced the night away!
Birthday BBQ for friends!
Jake and his dad watching the golf tournament.
JULY:  I already posted pictures from this month, but July was spent in Utah and being sick.  We had the best 3 weeks in Utah and I was so lucky to be able to see my family as well.  The Reynolds family vacation to Park City was a blast and it was fun doing something a little different from our usual beach trip, and it was so fun being there over July 4th.  Mom Reynolds did her 2nd annual knock-your-socks-off cousin camp for all the grandkids.  They had a ton of fun and she went above and beyond!   Once my family came into town I spent the next 5 days with them.  I got back July 16th and didn't leave the couch for a couple weeks due to nausea and vomiting.  Jake's sis offered to have Makenzie stay with them for a week so I could rest.  It was such a blessing!  The last weekend of July was spent at the Jersey Shore, where we met to pick up Makenzie.  We had a great, relaxing weekend with O'Neils! 
Makenzie, Alexa, Kira, and Eliza on the back porch of their beach house.

watching the storm come in...unbelievable!
morning strolls on the beach were so relaxing
Happy to be with our girl again!

AUGUST:  We spent every night glued to the TV the end of July and first of August watching the Olympics!  Before we left for Indiana on the 28th, August was a very mellow month for us!  It was nice being home and starting to feel a little better.  My mom came and stayed with us for a week to help me.  It was wonderful having her here to help me cook dinner, take care of Makenzie, and run errands!    We also got a new car!  Hello Honda Pilot!  I'm kind of obsessed with it.   We also spent alot of time in forts around the house :)  One day Jake came home and I had two chairs with a sheet draped of them.  He said it was an embarrassment to forts and told M that he was build her an awesome one...and that he did.  It was quite large and we spent the next week in it!  We ate every meal in the fort, played games, read books, and just hung out in there.  It was alot of fun and Kenz loved it!
my new ride :)
Makenzie hanging out in her fort!