Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy busy bees!

Here I am again....computer is still broken but Jake is brought his work laptop home for me to post some pictures. :)

Oct 15 Baltimore Half-Marathon weekend!
I ran the Baltimore Half-Marathon and we decided to make a fun weekend out of it and stayed Fri-Sun and toured Baltimore along with our really good friends from NJ who we miss so much!!!! Brittany ran the full marathon (what a champ!) and I had a blast running the half-marathon! Baltimore is an interesting city and there were moments we will never forget, but the Inner Harbor is beautiful and when you're with good friends it doesn't matter where you are!! We walked around the Inner Harbor and had great Maryland crabcakes!

Oct 22 Howells visit DC!
Our besties from Indy came to see us and tour DC! I have known Carly and Brad since 6th grade and Jake and Brad are long lost brothers. We have so much fun with them and the laughter (and singing) does not stop when we're together!! We are sad we don't live closer, but for now we will just cherish our visits from them!! We walked around DC and visited all the monuments, went to the American History Museum, had unbelievable meals, and a fun night out (without Kenz) for the Washington Capitals game!
(Thanking Carly for her adorable shirt and hat. and showing off her baby Uggs!)

Makenzie! Makenzie! Makenzie!
I cannot believe our little munchkin is 8 months old and CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is everywhere and in to everything, but it is adorable!
our life has definitely changed with this new talent of hers but it's fun! She is so chatty and is more and more fun every day!!!! She loves to wave at everyone, swinging and saying "dada" all day. She doesn't associate her "dada" sound with Jake, but don't tell him I said that. :)
Mt. Vernon Enjoying the front row with daddy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

mom and dad ingram- visitors #3

we have been so lucky to have both parents visit in the last month! we love them seeing where we live and having that time with makenzie! friday we went to arlington national cemetary, saturday spent the day touring DC and then got a babysitter for makenzie and had a nice dinner in the city and then went to the washington capitals hockey game, sunday we went into old town alexandria. it was a great weekend!
views from the old post office clock tower- beautiful
(there is a glass wall that she is leaning against...i was there and this picture makes me nervous)

mom & dad reynolds- visitors #2

jake's mom and dad came to see the new digs! we had a great time visiting and of course they couldn't get enough of kenzie

makenzie kept doing this weird thing with her tongue all weekend...her two bottom teeth popped up less than a week later so maybe that had something to do with it because she hasn't really done it since. we all thought it was the funniest thing so i had to get pictures to document.
on september 11 we went to the washington nationals baseball game. it was a beautiful day, beautiful ball park and perfect day to be at a baseball game.
kenz had a blast :)

long overdue

well, I warned you that I have a computer until sunday so I am taking advantage and posting any and all pictures and adventures from the last month or so! our fall is already crazy, busy, fun and it's only the first of october, but we love it!
a few days before the labor day weekend, Alexa and Kira came and stayed with us for a few days and then we came up to NJ for a fun weekend back in the garden state. we had the best time with the girls! we went into DC and visited the monuments, visited uncle jake's work, played lots of games, night swimming with uncle jake, and lots of laughs!

the potomac river waterfront in old town alexandria

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a fan

FYI- this is awesome...

p.s. i have a computer until Sunday so look out peeps picture overload coming soon!