Friday, December 17, 2010


(and taking over the world!)
I think I say this every month, but Makenzie is so so so much fun these days!! I can't believe how much she has changed in just one month! I feel like she went from a baby to a little person in her 9th month of life!
Her many talents that make us laugh and smile and turn our hearts to mushy gushiness:
.playing peek-a-boo.
.giving hugs and kisses.
.giving more hugs (seriously, she is obsessed with giving hugs!).
"talking" on the phone (holds it up to her face!)
.dances to music (her moves are hilarious!).
.cruising up the stairs.
.crawls into our laps just to sit for a bit.
.chat chat chats.
.can't get enough of the cute girl smiling back at her in the mirror.
.obsessed with books! (turns one page at a time front to back then back to front).
.favorite book for us to read- Pat the bunny.
.her excitement level when Daddy walks in the door is through the roof.
.she has 6 teeth.
always smiling!
oh my goodness we love this girl!!!!!!!!!!

THANKSGIVING...i'm making progress!

Thanksgiving...that was only last month...i'm catching up!! YEA!!!!
Reynolds family Thanksgiving....brought together by Elder Joshua Reynolds!
Jake's nephew, Josh, is now serving a mission for our church in Dallas Texas! He left Dec 1st, so the east coast Reynolds flew out to Utah for Thanksgiving and to see him off! Everyone stayed in a resort in Park City- it was BEAUTIFUL and so much fun!! It was great being with everyone and being able to spend some time with Josh before he left!
View from our window...winter wonderland!

the kids made turkey hats...and jake too of course!

Kenz and Josh!

Eliza and Makenzie all bundled up! (it was freezing there!!)

Thanksgiving feast! (We missed the Whitings and Josh and Jer at dinner!)

Makenzie loving her Aunt Kim and Aunt Lisa!

This picture makes me laugh every time! The guys were so in to a movie and the kids came in and were being loud and this is how we found them....

Alexa, Kira, Kenz, and Lizey pajama party!

At Jake's parents house before church

The 3 Musketeers (or 3 stooges)

Jer, Jake, and Josh at Josh's farewell

The WHOLE Reynolds gang!!! What a good looking bunch!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween...that wasn't that long ago, right?

catching up is hard to do when you are this far behind...but, hey, i'm trying!!

halloween in summit new jersey is so so cute. first there is a halloween parade at the elementary school, followed by trick-or-treating in town where all the shops hand out candy, topped off with a halloween parade on the block where you very cute. having a wee one made it even more fun!
all the kiddos geared up to trick or treat! Lex was a pirate and Kira was a gypsy!
they looked so awesome!

makenzie going as a sheep was not just an was a 4 yr olds could you ever say no to that adorable face?!?! eliza was Little Bo Peep and she requested that kenz be her sheep!
everytime i look at makenziein that outfit i can't help but giggle!

scott and jake with "the little fella"
(josh was visiting for the weekend! so much fun having him here!)

kenz got her first top tooth that weekend so she was a very sad looks like jake is carrying around a stuffed animal!
makenzie is actually in there....

kenz and joshy!

eliza and kenz in their matching bootiful shirts!
kenz was lucky enough to have 2 halloween costumes! this adorable bee costume was given to us and it was perfect for her halloween party at her gymboree class!!!
love that little bumble bee!
stay tuned: trip to indy, utah for thanksgiving, josh missionary farewell, favorites for winter, "waiting for sisiter"...whew...i'm exhausted already.
Happy Monday everyone! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Shutterfly's holiday cards this year are oh so adorable, and I am having the hardest time narrowing my favorites down to THE ONE! I think I have picked out our perfect card for this year and I cannot wait to get it!!! Here are some of my favorites:

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Go! Go! Go!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

where to even begin....

To catch you up would be too overwhelming! I haven't blogged since end of OCT!!!! I can't believe it's been so long and everything we have been up to!!
This fall was by far the busiest time we've ever had! We had visitors or were out of town for 6 weeks straight! CRAZY!!!! but it was so much fun!!!

First things first....we have a 9 month old?!?!?! When did that happen??? I can't even believe she will be one year old in less than a few months!!!!!

Makenzie is a little gal! She is in the 15th % in weight and the 60th % in height!
Her favorites right now: any "real" food! She's not a fan of baby food anymore. She eats pretty much anything and everything! (except for the no no's like nuts, hot dogs, etc)
She LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, scrambled eggs.

those baby blue eyes melt us everytime!

She is a speedy crawler and pulls up on EVERYTHING! She also just started cruising up the stairs...yikes!!! We are working on getting back down, but she doesn't seem to get it yet. She waves at EVERYONE and is always smiling! She has 2 teeth on bottom and 3 on top!!!!! She's growing up so fast, but we are loving and cherishing every minute!! Her laugh is so cute and she loves being "chased" while she crawls away! love love love our little girl!

stay tuned: 2 week Indy trip in Nov, Thanksgiving in Park City, Utah, nephew Josh's missionary farewell, yea...there's still so much to blog about!!!