Monday, January 26, 2009

Next Stop...Indy!

Ok, so I meant to post this right after our Utah Christmas pictures, but our internet has been so moody...
We flew out of Utah on Christmas morning at 4:45am for Indianapolis!! We were in Indy for 10 days!!! It was great having so much time with Mom and Dad! The boys had a ping pong tourney I think every night, and the girls shopped I think every day! Julie and Steph are both prego, and unfortunately Steph was pretty sick and out of it, except for one night she was being feisty and we were able to see the real Steph! New Years Eve my parents had about 40 adults and just as many kids over for a New Years bash. It was alot of fun! We stayed up until 5am!

Ingram grandkids- Bailey, Kaley, Molly, Heidi, Taylor, Riley, Halle- don't they all look so cute and inocent!

Wes and Bay opening her Elmo cell phone!

Greg and Jake playing MarioKart Wii on New YEars Eve...Greg is taking this pretty seriously

We just couldn't keep these two away from the Karaoke!

Our 5th New Years together!

How cute is she? The one on the right I mean....

Wes and Riley's bday's only 3 days apart so we had a party for them while we were home!

Steph: "What was I thinking!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Coast to Coast Christmas

Wow, where I have been?? I can't believe it's been 2 months since I posted anything?! We had a very fun, busy, crazy November and December! I don't even know where to begin....
Jake and I were very lucky this year and were able to get 2 wks off of work!
First, we went to Utah Dec 19-25. We had a jam packed, fun filled 5 days!
Saturday the adults went out for Dad Reynolds birthday! We ate at Market Street- one of our favorite Utah restaurants!
Sunday, we had brunch with Santa at Willow Creek Country Club. Mr. and Mrs. Clause arrived by helicopter! Utah had so much snow! Look at those beautiful mountains!
Handsome fellas! Josh, Jer, Scott, and Jake
It was so great to see Jason and Steph! And we were lucky enough to spend lots of time with them! Jason is still in alot of pain every day, but his spirits were high and he and Steph were always so cheerful!Reynolds grandkids- How cute are they?! Eliza, Josh, Ben, Jer, Kira, Ben, Alexa, and Isaak
Jake just HAD to tell Santa what new shoes he wanted for Christmas...
Monday- The entire family went to Heber City for the "Polar Express" We took an hour train ride to the North Pole. We had hot cocoa, cookies, listened to a reading of the book, The Polar Express, and sang lots of Christmas carols! We picked Santa up at the North Pole. It was so cute and the kids were in heaven!
Eliza singing Karaoke with the elves on the train! Jake, Steve, and Dad all sang karaoke too!
On Tuesday the guys went indoor skydiving at IFly in Ogden! It was their Christmas present from Mom! They had so much fun!

A few of us went sledding too! It was beautiful weather! We had so much fun with Jake's family and cannot wait to see everyone again!