Monday, August 30, 2010

"Here we are in Newport Beach 2010, come take a seat, let's play remember when...

It's been a great ride with alot of tradition, but it won't be the same with Josh on his mission!"

The Reynolds Newport Beach vaca has come and gone once again :(
I just hate how that happens!
It was another awesome trip filled with sunny days at the beach, the "grown-up" walks on the boardwalk every morning, Ruby's on the pier for burgers & shakes, Crab Cooker & movie night, talent show, Fun Zone, games, lots of laughs, great food, and oh so much fun!
It was Kenzie's first time at the beach and although she looked Ahhhdorable in her swimsuit, she sure didn't last long- I could sit at the beach with a book or good gossip mag allll day, unfortunately, that wasn't her idea of a good time! She also had a rough time adjusting to the 3 hour time change...she woke up @ 4 am the first 3 days, ready to go!!! But, with all her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents oooing and aaahing over her all week she was a happy chic!

We had the 1st annual Reynolds Talent Show! Everyone participated, with the kids doing cute things like singing, dancing, signing, alphabets, etc, and the grown ups did not disappoint- we all embarrassed ourselves and had a great time doing it! (Sorry, no pics of that allowed) There were raps, skits, songs, dances, head stands, and an accordion... It was so much fun and we all had laugh tears by the end of the night! Definitely a new tradition!

Counting down til next year!!

representin the new squad!
Makenzie's biggest fans- Eliza & Dallas

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear weekend,

Could you please come sooner and last longer? Makenzie and I really miss our daddy and hubby when you are not around. I realize I should've written sooner. We love you weekend!

Your biggest fans,

E & M

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...was a good day. you know when you just have a good day? Not that everything that day was perfect, but you were happy, like genuinely, im so blessed, what do i have to complain about, happy. today was one of those days and i loved it. makenzie was so happy and everytime I looked at her she smiled from ear to ear and was just so excited to be with me. like i said, it's not like she didn't cry or that she didn't spit up down my shirt or she went down for her naps like that (snap), but she was just a happy baby girl and that makes me happy. i was productive, i was lazy, i read, i ate some chocolate chip cookies that we had made the night before (not telling how many), i ran, i met some new people, i talked with an old friend, jake and i both called each other just say hi and i love you. its days like this that make me stop and think...i have lots of days like this...but if i don't stop and take it all in, with a smile and grateful heart, then they will just float on is a good day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday to you!

I love birthdays! Half-Birthday's, real birthdays, doesn't matter, I love 'em! Anyone who knows me well, and now anyone who reads this post, knows my feelings on "the big day". I love having an excuse to celebrate. I love that everyone gets one day where it's all about YOU! Jake always claims that I start counting down to my birthday 6 months in advance...not true...I just always get excited when it's my half-birthday (April 24). Well, unforunately we were out of town and not with Jake on Makenzie's half-birthday, so we didn't have a party, but I think she was excited too!
That's right, she is 6 months old!!! I cannot believe it! I feel like every month I say, "wow, time flies". Well, it does! Luckily, I don't mind her getting older (not the flying by part), because with every day comes new discoveries and new milestones! Her personality is just blossoming and we are in love! She's one happy girl!

SLEEPING- except on vaca :( naps great, and sleeps from 7pm-7am
FOOD- cereal, prunes, carrots, sweet potatoes
TOYS- her rings, rattles, books, anything she can put in her mouth really
BOOKS- she squeals while you read to her as if she is reading along, her favoite book right now- JAMBERRY! I'm a fan as well.

SITTING UP- not a fan of laying down to play anymore, too much to see.

BATHS- well, just being nakey, in general!

her HANDS & her FEET- she loves sucking on her thumb or hand and has recently started putting her feet in her mouth...yikes!

Lots of pictures of a cutesy, blue-eyed, squeeze-her-cheeks, can't-get-enough 6 month old

6 months of goodness

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last days in Jersey

I have sat down to update the blog 3 times now and just sat there...where do I even begin?!?! Our life the past month has been a complete whirlwind! There have been sad times and fun times, exciting times and overwhelming times with the BIG MOVE!
This is a hodge podge of pictures from our last bit in New Jersey. The reality that we moved still has not sunk in...we miss the O'Neils and our friends so very very very much! Luckily it wasn't good-bye, just see ya later!
Lisa, Scott, Alexa, Eliza, Jake, Me, Kenz, & Kira
After the girls ballet recital- Makenzie just had to wear her tutu :)
How adorable are these chics?!
4th of July- Makenzie's first encounter with fireworks!
Pool part and BBQ with friends
Lisa and I at Color Me Mine for Kik's bday party
Eliza, Kira (the Birthday Girl), Kenz, & Lex at Kira's bday party the day before we moved
Makenzie just lights up when these girls are around!
Before the movers....After....The room we brought Makenzie home from the hospital to...tear
Our bare bedroom
"Sisters" (and best buddies)
We threw a going away BBQ with our friends for the Nelsons who moved to California. We then found out we were moving so I'm so glad that we had done this!
Although this picture doesn't quite show it...Elizabeth and Makenzie are really BFF's! haha!
Will someone please bring us some Tratoria....we are going through serious withdrawals!!! :)