Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lots to be THANKFUL for!

Thanksgiving was spent in Indiana and it was wonderful.  
Unfortunately I didn't take my real camera out ONE time! :(  
Of course I took pictures on my phone however.  

 First stop after arriving in Indy was to the cemetery where much of my mom's family is buried.  I hadn't been able to visit my grandmother's grave who passed away last August.  It was a beautiful day and nice to be there.
 I also was able to visit my great-grandmother's grave who Makenzie share's a birthday with!  My great-grandma lived to be 108 so she only missed meeting her great-great-granddaughter by 2 years!

 The best part about going to Utah or Indiana is Makenzie's time with her cousins!  She always has so much fun and can't get enough of all her cousins!  
Lots of scooter time! and she couldn't forget her purse! haha!
Makenzie and Bailey
Makenzie is a little  completely obsessed with my parents dog, Shelby.  She was so excited to ride with Shelby to the doggie groomers! 
 Makenzie and Grant having a serious "Guess Who" battle and being too cool! 
 Seeing "Wreck It Ralph" 
 All that running around with the cousins totally wiped Kenz out too!  This is how I found her 2 nights in a row!  I love that she fell asleep with the book on her face! 
 Ingram tradition to participate in the "Drumstick Dash" on Thanksgiving morning!!!  All 22 of us!! What a good lookin crew!! 
 Sadly, I didn't get a family picture of us on Thanksgiving but I did get these two cute shots of my two favorite people for whom I am most thankful!!!  

 And a trip home wouldn't be complete without a fun visit with these girls!!!  Had a great time sipping hot chocolate and catching up with my girlfriends!