Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4th test's a charm!

The way we found out that I was pregnant is too long of story to type, but basically, we couldn't tell if the first 3 tests were positive or not, so I got a digital for my fourth and final pregnancy test!! I woke Jake up with breakfast in bed and a pregnancy test that had the words "PREGNANT"! Despite his face in the second one, he was very excited...well at least he is now! haha! It just took a few days for the shell shock to wear off!
We bought plain white onesies and wrote "Surprise- see you Feb 2010" and "Lucky #9/#10" on them and gave them to our parents to tell them the exciting news! It was so fun telling our families!!!

Indy trip to see new babies!!!!

It's a miracle!!! I am somehow getting wireless internet off a neighbor! I thought this day would never come!!! I thought I better hurry and post a few happenings from the last few months! In July we went to Indy to visit and see our new niece and nephew! Lydia was born May 29 and Grant on June 4!
Since I was home for about 10 days I was able to do lots of fun things with everyone! I went to Tay and Halle's TBall game, to the zoo with the Brewers, witnessed the first annual "cousins campout" at my parents with all the grandkids, Lydia's baby blessing, 4th of July, boating trip, etc!!!! It was so much fun!!
It was a very HOT day and Halle just wasn't feelin it! Greg had actually poured a little bit of water on her neck to cool her down and try and make her smile, but it didn't work too well...
Molly's new best friend!!!

The first annual cousins campout! My parents had all the grandkids over for a campout in the backyard! It was really cute how excited they all were for this! They slept in tents, cooked hot dogs and smores over a campfire, played yard games, and had a "hay" ride (without the hay)! And since everyone survived the tradition will continue for cousins campout 2010!!!

Heidi and Taylor were pros in the kayak...Riley and Molly were happy as clams just "canoeing" on the shore!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


No, we still don't have internet so no pictures yet! But, this morning I was laying down reading and I felt a tiny foot kick me! The babe kicked about 3 times! It was the first time I have been able to feel it! It was so cool!!! Jake wasn't home at the time, but later I laid down to see if it would happen again and Jake got to feel it!!!!!!! Great moment!!! I think it just wanted me to know that he/she was there. We are very excited to meet you! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No internet? Seriously?

I would really love to post lots of updates and pictures, but we just moved and we don't have internet at our new place yet! :( BOO!! So, hopefully soon I will be able to post all of our fun happenings the last couple of months and some baby bump pictures!

Everything is going well with the babe! I have totally turned a corner and I'm feeling much better these days!!! I can't believe it took this long, but I am so happy to not be nauseous all the time! We have an apt next Thurs, Oct 1 to HOPEFULLY find out the sex!!!! We cannot wait to hear those words!!!