Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh yea....we're having a baby!!

Sunday, June 17-  I will probably figure out sometime later this week if I'm pregnant or not, so why not take one today and surprise Jake on Father's Day!?  Gave Jake a card from me and Makenzie and then his gifts and then told him I had one other present.  I gave him a card that just said "Happy Father's Day, I can't wait to meet you, love baby #2"  We both started crying (tears of joy)!   He was so excited!!   I'm only 4 weeks.

5 weeks-  already starting to feel nauseous :(  We told Mom and Dad Reynolds over Skype this week!  We had Makenzie put on a "BIG SISTER" shirt.

6 weeks- Told the Reynolds family in Park City!  We just had M walk around in her BIG SISTER shirt and slowly people started smiling until everyone had figured it out!  So nice to tell them since I wasn't feeling myself.

7 weeks- Started throwing up already :(   Told Mom and Dad Ingram in Utah this week!  Called the rest of the fam on the phone and had Makenzie tell them!

8 weeks- Very rough week for me.  Zero energy and throwing up a few times a day.  Having a hard time trying to take care of Makenzie and myself.  We are watching a lot of movies right now.  But we had our first Dr's appointment and got to see the little peanut with an ultrasound!

9 weeks- Makenzie spent the week with the O'Neils in CT.  We are missing her alot, but she's having fun with her cousins.  Such a blessing to have her there so that I can just rest and focus on feeling better.  I am starting to improve and my energy is slowly returning.  I get sick first thing every morning and at night.  The middle of the day is my best time.
I can't get enough peaches, cranberry juice, oranges, cereal, and buffalo chicken pizza :)
won't be able to eat for awhile- Cafe Rio :(  and cannot drink water, gag! 

10 weeks- Mom came and stayed with us!  So nice having the help still!  Still improving little by little, only getting sick 1-2 times/day.  

12 weeks-  Heard a strong heartbeat at the Dr's office today!  Haven't gotten sick for an entire week!!  I even walked a mile and ran 1/2 mile! It felt great! Still feeling very nauseous but can keep it under control with eating.  I go to bed really early every night just bc i'm feeling so nauseous.  Only fit comfortably in a few pants.  
I love oranges (have about 3 a day), cereal, goldfish, bbq baked lays, ice cream, rice, and hot pockets (weird?)
do not like chocolate....(whats up with that??)

13 weeks- Had another ultrasound where I got to see a very detailed little body!  I saw it kick a few times on the screen!  Also, made our new public this week!  

16 weeks- feeling much better!  Only mild nausea throughout the day.  Felt teeny tiny baby kicks this week!!  Heard a strong heartbeat (130) at an appointment!  Ran/walked 2 miles, twice this week!  Feels really good to exercise!
I love apples, bananas, strawberries, water, and cereal.  


Danae Curtis said...

What a great idea to document all of this! I think I just may copy you... So glad you're feeling better! Miss you lots!

Katie + Justin said...

OK THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands down! So happy for you guys and lil' girl #2! Congrats (: