Tuesday, September 27, 2011

she's practically driving

i don't have a 19 month old...no i don't...what? i do? really? 
oh dear...i do!

her 19 month stats:
height:  33in  90%
weight: 24lbs  52%
head: 19in  90%

These are some recent pictures and videos of our crazy, chatty, loving, excited, dramatic girly!   

She is quite the big girl eating with her spoon and fork

anything she can carry as a purse she will! 
 she is completely obsessed with her puppy! he goes everywhere with us :)
 we are laughing everyday at this funny chic!  she is quite the ham and is always doing things to make us laugh!
 she loves giving kisses and hugs.  (we are working with her on not offering hugs and kisses to everyone she sees, she tried kissing a stranger that let her pet their dog...)
she is obsessed with all animals and loving doing all her animals sounds.
she loves loves loves books still!
she has started saying her abc's.
she loves to sing songs and do all the motions.  
she's obsessed with talking on the phone or anything she can pretend is a phone.
And she is the chattiest girl I've ever met!  Jake and I can barely get a word in!  
Our typical conversation:
kenz: "mommy, mommy, mommy" 
me: yes buddy? 
 kenz: grltl ajskdl aksdf puppy askldf rowrow (oreo) grllrlslsl
me: really?  
kenz: "yea, ha ha ha" 
then we both laugh! 

oooooooh we love her!!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Jersey weekends

We were so lucky to spend 2 weekends in a row in New Jersey!  
The first weekend was to celebrate an adorable, sweet little 8 year old!  It was Kira's baptism and she had asked Jake to baptize her!  We were so grateful to be a part of her special day!  


 The next weekend was Labor Day and it was so fun to spend a long weekend there!  We drove up Friday and had an adults night out, on Saturday was drove to Great Wolf Lodge about an hour away.  Makenzie is so obsessed with her cousins and Eliza loves that she can be a little mommy to Kenz!  
Makenzie had so much fun at the water park!  They had a little toddler area with small waterslides and the water was just the right depth for Kenz to walk around and play without having to be held!  And Sunday and Monday were spent hanging out and cruisin in the Barbie Jeep  :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

next stop: utah

after indiana, kenz and i headed west!  it was an awesome week spending time with my other family!  we had relaxing dinners at the park, "The Help" movie night, and so much fun just hanging out! 

every year i also have the chance to recharge my batteries at byu's education week, in utah.
its an amazing week of classes and seminars on anything from marriage to parenting to finances.  it's all about becoming a better wife, mother, friend, daughter of God.  
the best part is i get to go with my mother-in-law, and 3 sisters-in-law! 

makenzie was having so much fun on this ride at Jungle Jyms and Eliza took her job very serious as the "driver"!
 the kids had so much fun playing in the backyard at grandmas! 

every kid's dream- a life size play house in their grandparents backyard!!  
Eliza, Makenzie, & Dallas
these three cuties are the best of friends!!  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

did August really happen???

you won't believe my august...you really wont.
 it was crazy/busy/fun/awesome/exciting/exhausting/special!
i can't just do one post for the month- not possible!

here's a run down of our itinerary:
Aug 4-15 Indiana
Aug 15-20 Utah
Aug 20-26 Home
Aug 26-28 New Jersey
Aug 29-Sept 1 Indiana
Sept 2-5 New Jersey
and finally back home again....

see i told you.

our first trip to indy included:
- the 29th annual Hill Family Reunion- my dad's extended family, 109 in attendance.  It was so wonderful to be there and feel the love that our family has!  we had an entire camp rented out.  it had everything you could want for fun!  I'm so grateful for this tradition!

-meeting baby Mia!  The newest member of the Ingram clan! 

-trip to the state fair! 

-Makenzie's first boating trip! 
helping papaw at the grill

just a few of the grandkids and great-grandkids!

beautiful baby Mia on her blessing day

meeting "mee-mee"
the Ingram grandkids! 

a trip home isn't complete without a cousins bath (or 2 or 3)
we love "Aunt" Carly and "Uncle" Brad

well that's about 1/15th of the pictures that i took.  there are too many, can't do it!  i'm hoping to be completely caught up this weekend.  

i've missed this blog.  i'm excited to be back!  home sweet home!