Monday, September 24, 2012

Potty training...aka patience training

Last week I decided to dive head first into potty training.  It was the perfect week to do it with no big plans and rain in the forecast for the entire first day.  Makenzie has been ready for this for awhile but with all of our traveling and then my can't-get-off-the-couch-nausea, I kept putting it off, but the time had come!  So far things have been pretty far as the potty part goes.  The staying home that was hard!  

Day 1- we went straight to her "big girl undies"!  I knew that she wouldn't go if she was naked, so we skipped that and just slapped on the panties!  And that made it all the more exciting for her.  She had a great first day with zero accidents and even told me she had to go once or twice.  All the other times it was me asking her and she would tell me yes or no.  It was surprising how long she would go in first I was hounding her every 20-30 minutes and then I realized I didn't need to do that with her.  We did about 2,326 crafts the first day and it was actually a really fun day at home!

Day 2- Decided to meet some friends at a park for a quick get-outside-and-run visit.  At first I was asking her a lot and then got busy chatting and forgot and she told it was running down her leg....ooops!  I did have a change of clothes for her so we just changed and played a little more and than came back home.

Day 3- I decided it would not be good for our relationship to just stay home anymore....and then we all woke up sick :(  So much for getting out and playing.  Poor girl woke us up @ 5am on Thurs morning with a 103 temp.  So the day started out snuggling and watching movies, but after her nap you would never know she had ever had a fever or been sick!  She was running around and was her normal silly self, but we couldn't play with any friends so it was another day inside...just the 2 of us...

Day 4 and after-  We resumed our normal routine once the weekend rolled around.  She had done great and I knew she would be fine even if we were out and about.  We are now a week in and only had the one accident on day 2!!  We even went to a baseball game on Saturday!  At the game she did tell us 4 times that she had to go and only really went once....that was a little annoying, but she's doing a great job and we've been so proud of her!  

Big girl panties and paper bag crafts!  :)


Danae Curtis said...

That is awesome! Waaaayyy better than my experience with Camryn!!

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

That is AMAZING!!! This gives me a little bit of hope when I find the courage to do it.