Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday #TWO (part one)

our baby little girl turned two. 

and celebrate we did!  

First, we were so excited to be in Utah on her birthday and have a birthday party with all her Reynolds family there to love on her!   She will probably won't have many birthdays surrounded by her cousins singing Happy Birthday and we appreciated every minute.  

It was so sweet walking in her room the morning of her birthday and having the first thing out of her mouth be "Its my birthday!"  Sure puts a smile on a birthday-lovin-mama :)
we started the day with sprinkle cupcakes :)

then she got to go on a daddy/daughter date with her favorite person while I got ready for the party!

Elmo theme was a must...girlfriend is obsessed. 

my pintrest project was a success- Elmo face cupcakes!

Party favors for the cousins- giant glasses and Sesame Street crazy straws

patiently waiting for her party to start....


 (unfortunately the best group shot we got of the cousins)

opening presents!
So excited about every one!

  hugs after presents  :)

our sunshine when skies are grey :)

Birthday #TWO (part two)

The partaaaaaaaay! 

The invite:
my random ideas brought to life by my adorable and talented friend Miranda

I love planning a party!  Here's the bummer...I'm so bad about taking pictures at the party!  When you're the hostess, you are kind of in crazy mode...setting up, not taking pictures, entertaining, not taking pictures, making sure everyone is good, not taking pictures...
buuuut, at least I do have a few goodies.  

playing in the soft play room
blurry family photo :( 

Again, Elmo theme was a must...
we made Elmo face cupcakes again and had cookies, goldfish, and rainbow fruit skewers.

I loved the party favors- a Sesame Street crazy straw, Sesame Street board book, Elmo bath fizzy colors (Makenzie's new fave), a ring pop, and Sesame Street stickers.

And of course, pin the candle on the cupcake!  
best part of pin-the-candle with 2 year olds= no need for the blind fold :)
one happy and loved girl
opening her presents later that night from the best friends anyone could ask for!

Makenzie at 2:
height: 36 in- 96%
weight: 28 lbs- 80%

funny Kenzie quotes: 
 ~(while wrestling with daddy) "Be careful Daddy"
~(when daddy was leaving for work) "Bye peeps!"
~hasn't stopped singing "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you" over and over since her party
~(when told that she can't drink Daddy's diet coke) "Pease I hold it two minutes?"