Friday, May 18, 2012

an Indiana visit

our Indiana visit in March consisted of:
dinner out with my girlfriends! 2 will have new babies the next time I see them!! 
a playdate with our friend Lydia
an early Easter egg hunt at Grandma's with the cousins! 

Lots of playtime with cousins!!  
(this is my favorite picture of Makenzie and Mia!!)
 A trip to the zoo!
(it was so cold the day we went....that's why we are in winter gear!)
 this picture pretty much sums up MAkenzie and Lydia's relationship :)
 And quality time with Makenzie's favorite family member, Shelby! 
 my little frequent flier :)

meeting sweet Addis

It was a quick few hours with her but we were so lucky to be able to meet our new niece Addis before they flew her to her new home in Utah!  She is a busy busy little girl, but luckily she really liked the basketball so it allowed us a few seconds to snap a picture!!   We can't wait to see her again in July and really get to know her personality!  She and Makenzie, i just know, will be the best of friends! :)
 The adorable Francis fam :)
 (Makenzie is tall and Addis is on the smaller end, but this pics makes Kenz look like a giant!) 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

picture overload

I can't believe I haven't posted since Makenzie's birthday!!  well...I kind of can....we have been usual.  So in order for me to get caught up and not sit at the computer her entire nap, I am just posting pictures with a few words here and there!  

First things first: 
February 13-20

next stop: NYC

March 16-18
 NYC + best friends + no baby= most fun & relaxing weekend!