Tuesday, February 22, 2011

101st post! Woot woot!

this is my 101st post! how cool is that?! i'm pretty excited about it!

kenz had her 12 month check up today and she is still a tall, thin, big headed chicky :)

head: 18.25 84%
height: 29.75 73%
weight: 20.4 36%

things we LOVE about makenzie:

*she still is obsessed with books! her favorite thing is to empty her whole bookshelf and look through every single book! she flips through each page. she also loves when we read to her. we read 3-4 books every night and before naps. her fav book right now:
"Llama Llama Red Pajama"
super cute book and she thinks its just hilarious!

*she is the chattiest little girl you've ever met! she seriously does.not.stop. gabbing!
especially if she has one of our cell phones in her hand.

*first "word/s"- Uh Oh!
it's so cute to hear her say! although it's a little un-fun at times because she drops things just so she can say it. so, i feel like i am constantly picking something up that she "dropped"! haha!

*she is so so close to walking all by herself! she is always standing alone and takes a couple steps here and there on her own. and her farthest is 6 steps! jake and i were really excited about that one!

*she is the dreamiest sleeper! every night we do our bedtime routine with her books, lay her in bed, say goodnight, and walk out the door and never hear a peep until about 7am.

*she eats anything and everything. she had her first french fry this weekend and wasn't really a fan?!?!?! but, that's about all she won't eat.
her favorites: all fruit, steamed carrots, grilled cheese, quesadilla, yogurt, pasta.

*she has quite the sense of humor! she will pretend to fall down and just laughs and laughs and she'll laugh if jake and i are laughing at something.

but, our absolutely, positively, 100%, mostest favoritest thing about kenzie is that she is the happiest girl i have ever met! she is always smiling, laughing, giving us hugs and kisses!!!
we love her so so so very much!

eating her cupcake on her birthday!

first of january- cruising around with her walker.

end of january- so proud of herself standing!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

say it isnt so!!!!

our little girl is ONE!!!!!!!!!

I know, we can't believe it either! just look up there...at the counter...ONE!
it seems like a million years ago/yesterday that we were bringing her home to begin our new life as a family of 3! we love our little makenzie mouse more than thought possible! she gets more personality every day and keeps up laughing and smiling! We are so grateful for her everyday and can't wait to watch her continue to grow and learn!

we had a great day! Daddy took off early from work and because it was almost 70 degrees out so we went to the park! Then we had Makenzie's favorite meal of grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup! :)

and then.....she got her cupcake!

she would not use her hands... face first! we were proud.

her birthday gift to us: TAKING 5 STEPS!!! WOOT! WOOT!

february 17, 2010

february 17, 2011
the birthday girl enjoying one of her last bottles....like her shirt??
i made it yesterday morning! ha! turned our pretty cute!!

(these pictures are not in order because that just takes SO MUCH TIME....
but please enjoy this picture overload!! )
mommy and daddy's cupcakes for surviving for the first year :)

look at that expression! haha! not really sure about the candle...

self-timer family photo (she's still not sure about the candle)

no hands...just... need... icing... in... mouth...

one happy girl!!
(notice almost the whole cupcake? didn't care about...
just wanted more icing! her uncle blue would be so proud!)

eating her fav grilled cheese! (like I said, not in order)
our beautiful girl! i can't get enough of those baby blue eyes!
loving the park!

Daddy's girl!

like i said....


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i love surprises! (even if they aren't for me)

3 for 3!! you'd think he would catch on?!

well, I can now post fun details about Jake's birthday because....wait for it....we finally bought a new computer!!!!! the crowd goes wild!!!! that's right people, and we even made the switch and got a mac! i'm pretty excited about it, although i feel very old as i have no idea how to do some very basic functions. oh well, it's fun to play with!
so, as i mentioned, i love surprises!!!! i have surprised Jake with something big for his last 3 birthdays! and this year was another success!

what he knew: i was getting a babysitter and we were going to dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday.
we were celebrating a week early because he had games the friday night and saturday night of his bday weekend.

what he didn't know: his parents and i had secret plans since THANKSGIVING!
Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds were flying in to babysit Makenzie.
i had hotel reservations.

how it all went down: friday, jake went in to work as usual. about 4pm i picked his mom and dad up from the airport and then headed in to DC. I met him at work and told him our babysitter canceled and that i had to find a last minute replacement. then i showed him a picture on my phone of his parents at our house with makenzie! he couldn't believe it!

we ate way too much amazing food at Mortons Steakhouse, got our favorite DC cupcakes at Red Velvet, saw a movie and slept in at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in DC. Saturday was just as fun sleeping in, shopping, and having a nice lunch.

and then of course we couldn't wait to see Makenzie again!!

Thank you! Thank you! to mom and dad for making this fun surprise possible!!

the next weekend was his actual birthday and Makenzie and I made him his fav breakfast of chocolate pancackes, he opened lots of presents and then we had lunch at our favorite pizza spot, We The Pizza in DC! even though he had to work that night, it was a fun day!

Happy Birthday babe! Here's to many more surprises!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

One year older and wiser too....

Haaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to you!!!!!!

I don't have a computer right now so this little post will have to do for now, until I can do a proper birthday post that justifies the goodness of 1.) my husband 2.) birthdays!

So, until then....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hottie of a spouse! You are the blue cheese to my buffalo chicken pizza! ;)

and iiiiiiiiiii love ya!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

over it

makenzie has had a cold since last tuesday...10 days!!! and I was lucky enough to catch her cold on saturday. so, it's been almost a week of the both of us not feeling hot. i am very grateful that is is just a cold and not strep or the flu. however, i am DYING to get out and play!!! i don't want to be 'that' mom who brings the snotty, coughing cutie to play group. so, we have missed out on our play groups, story time at the library, and playing with our bff's! luckily, makenzie is definitely on the upside and by monday i think we'll be good to join our friends!

positives: since we have been home more i have tackled getting kenz consistent with her afternoon nap. about a month ago she decided that she didn't need it and would just chat and play in her crib. yes, it's still downtime, but by 5:30 she would be so tired, so she needed it back and i needed it back!! it wasn't easy and there were tears, but we are currently on day 3 of afternoon napping and we have a happier baby and momma :)

and remember all those craft projects? well, i realized that i had more than just those 3 on my list and i've been busy! pics soon of all the finished products!