Sunday, August 24, 2008

Newport Beach

We have alot to post since we have moved to NJ, so first things first! Every year the Reynolds family goes to Newport Beach, CA for their family vacation! They have been going there for the last 20 years! We went the beginning of August and It was another great year, but this was the best yet because EVERYONE was able to come this year! There were 20 of us!
Balboa Island Our beach house is right next to the beach so we spent most days laying out and riding the waves! The weather was perfect everyday!
Walking home from the Fun Zone - Fun zone has arcades, ferris wheel, and shops. nephew Josh, Jake, neice Kira, neice Alexa, and nephew Jeremy
Crab Cooker - Best seafood restaurant ever!
The three stooges!
The gang at the Crab Cooker! Just the adults went to Crab Cooker so we went to The Dark Knight afterwards!
Give Jake King Crab legs and he is the happiest person on Earth!!
We took 2 little boats out and cruised around the Island one evening!
nephew Ben and I had a blast on the boat!
On our boat tour - Kim, Jake, nephew Dallas, nephew Isaak, Steve, Teag, and Ashley
Jake and I at the Fun Zone! We can't wait for next year and miss everyone already!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Apartment!

The building we live in was once an old school and they converted into apartments! It's really cool inside and has alot of character that we immediately fell in love with! There are only 10 apartments in our building so that's really nice too!
The entry. The stairs go up to the loft which has the 2nd bedroom, 2nd bathroom, and 2 more walk-in closets!! We love the stairs! They made it a bit tricky when moving stuff up however!
The dining/kitchen
Living room
Other side of living room
Our bedroom
My favorite part- Our closet!! My side
Jake's side of the closet!
Main Bathroom
2nd bedroom in loft- the opening on the right looks over into the living room
We love the built-ins in the 2nd bedroom/office
We are loving our new apartment and are excited for some visitors!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crazy times!

Where do I begin...I will start with the drive out...NIGHTMARE!!! Jake and I drove out on Saturday, July 26, we were making good time and enjoying the time together catching up(it had been 3 weeks since I had seen him!) We were just about 3 hours into our 12 hour drive when a car pulls up next to us and has his window rolled down and is yelling "Your truck! Your truck!" Jake looks in his side mirror and sees our truck (our toyota, not the uhaul) swerving into the other lane!!!! We pulled over and got out to find the Toyota had started coming off the tow dolly! We had to call 911 for assistance because even though we were pulled to the shoulder the truck was still blocking a lane of traffic on the highway!!! It was a very scary and dangerous moment!! We are so blessed and know that we were watched over! Unfortunately it happened again a little later and we had to wait 2 hours for roadside assistance! The nightmare wasn't over, but it's too much to write! We stayed with Jake's sister's family til Thurs and moved in that weekend. We have been in our new place now for over a week and love it!