Saturday, June 6, 2009

Still a few months behind....

Ok...I am still working on getting updated here!!! In April, we went to Tennesee on a good 'ol Ingram family vacation!!!! It was SO much fun spending time with everyone and it went by way too fast!! This was our attempt at getting a picture of everyone! WOW!

The grandkids! The 7 cutest, craziest kids I know!!!! (Bailey and Wes couldn't come, but I did get to see them in Indy before going to TN)

Halle, Bailey, Tay

We went on a fun, easy hike with everyone and a tougher, 8 mile hike, with Dad, Greg, Jake, Isaac, and I. The kids loved the hike and they all found cute little branches for their hiking sticks! The 8 mile trail was beautiful the whole way and it ended at some gorgeuos falls, and of course my camera died once we got to the top!
Don't worry about what Greg is doing...we learned it's better not to ask...

We did so many fun things- we drove go carts, went putt-putting, went to a really cool interactive museum called Wonder Works, or the "upside down house", and went to dinner and a show!

It was also Halle's bday so we were able to have a Pink Pirate Party at a park!! It was really fun and the most amazing cake!!

We miss everyone so much and can't wait to see them again soon!!!!!