Sunday, January 30, 2011

my name is emily and i'm a....



hiiiiiiii emily.

it's true. i WANT to be so crafty. sure, i do my fare share of homemade goodies, but i love love love making things, craft blogs, homemade decor for my house, etc. so, of course, i WANT to DO more.

i have tons of fun ideas and things i have found online that i am dying to make but i just don't follow through :(

sooooooooooooooooooooo.....i'm putting them here. then i have to follow through so i don't look like a total slacker to you!

first: felt flower pillow from The Crafting Chicks (site on the side of my blog)- i mean is that not the cutest pillow?! I like our couch, but have despised our pillows for 3 years now! Pillows?! that's an easy fix, right? well, not when you are so very very me. and then i found these beauties!

second: "You are my sunshine" sign for Makenzie's room (not the one pictured...i have my own idea that spun from this one)- this one should be easy for me to check off. i already bought the supplies and i'm using my vinyl lettering to do it. no excuses.

third: make more flower headbands for Makenzie which includes learning to make these cuties.

so here goes nothin! stay tuned....

ps....notice my new background?? February is BIRTHDAY time in the Reynolds house!!! Jake's is this next saturday, the 5th. post coming about my fun birthday surprise for him! and Makenzie's is the I even need to voice my excitement for this one?!?! Hello....FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the celebrations begin!!!!!


Denzil and Brittany said...

I can't wait to see all your finished crafts. Make sure to post some pictures. A friend of mine from highschool is one of the authors on the crafting chics. I just saw those pillows the other day and fell in love. Oh why don't you live in Jersey anymore so we could craft together.

M&J Bowerbank said...

Looking forward to it! Especially since I will be the lucky one to do the first craft with you! Come on celebrations, cake, and fun!