Thursday, February 3, 2011

over it

makenzie has had a cold since last tuesday...10 days!!! and I was lucky enough to catch her cold on saturday. so, it's been almost a week of the both of us not feeling hot. i am very grateful that is is just a cold and not strep or the flu. however, i am DYING to get out and play!!! i don't want to be 'that' mom who brings the snotty, coughing cutie to play group. so, we have missed out on our play groups, story time at the library, and playing with our bff's! luckily, makenzie is definitely on the upside and by monday i think we'll be good to join our friends!

positives: since we have been home more i have tackled getting kenz consistent with her afternoon nap. about a month ago she decided that she didn't need it and would just chat and play in her crib. yes, it's still downtime, but by 5:30 she would be so tired, so she needed it back and i needed it back!! it wasn't easy and there were tears, but we are currently on day 3 of afternoon napping and we have a happier baby and momma :)

and remember all those craft projects? well, i realized that i had more than just those 3 on my list and i've been busy! pics soon of all the finished products!

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