Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 weeks of holiday bliss

we had the best christmas break! for 6 years now we have been lucky enough to spend time with both families!
(remember: one family- indiana, one family- utah, jake & i- all over the map)
this year was no different! we were in utah for 5 days and flew to indy on christmas eve and we're they until new years day. we had so much fun hanging with everyone and it's never enough time together.
there are a bazillion fun pics to post so i won't label them, but heres a look at the fun times and our first christmas as a family of 3!
christmas eve story by mom
grown-ups night out for dad's bday
jason and lisa's 40th bday
boys adventure 2011- dog sledding!
ice skating
meeting santa
lots of snow
"flat josh"
gifts for "sisters" ethiopian orphanage
fun with cousins
lots of laughs

makenzie's first christmas
ice skating
tube sledding
guys pacers/wizards game
girls day out
new years eve bash
lots of good food
christmas day sing-along and chime fest
girlfriends lunch date
fun with cousins
staying up late
games, games, and more games
lots of laughs

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Francis Family said...

Time did fly much fun! looks like Indy was great too! Are you blogging on your new computer? Loving this monthly visit we are getting used to...see you in Vegas in 4.5 weeks.