Friday, October 5, 2012


Sadly I haven't posted just about Makenzie in a really long time!

Well, here are the best words to describe her at 2 1/2 years:

We are really loving the stage that our girl is in right now!  She seriously makes us laugh every day with a new "funny twick" or catch phrase.  Enthusiastic is definitely the best way to describe her right now because she is so animated and enthused about even the smallest things.  It's contagious.  Anyone that comes in contact with her mentions this.  I love it!  Vocal-  When Jake comes home from work, he and I usually can't really get a word in until she's in bed.   She is always singing too!  Loves loves to sing!  She's obsessed with the popular song "Call me maybe"!  She knows the words and asks for it every time we get in the car.  You can always here her singing from her bed (when she's supposed to be asleep).  She loves to sing, I am a Child of God, Old Macdonald, Monkeys jumpin on the bed, You are my sunshine,  Twinkle twinkle and row, row your boat.  She loves giving big strong hugs.   Throughout the day she will very sweetly hug my leg and say "IIIIIIII love ya momma"   Her imagination, whoa her imagination!  Everything is "petend" this, or "petend" that.   It has been so interesting for me to watch her imagination just take off!  Her favorites are "ok mommy, you petend to be the mommy kitty and I petend to be the baby kitty, ok?"  And then she tells us exactly what to say and how to say it.  Funny story- while in Indy in Aug/Sept we got to watch my niece Kaley run in a few cross country meets, and since we've been home there is a lot of "i petend to be Kaley, ok mommy you say, Go Kaley! Run Kaley! Great Job Kaley!"  haha!  

She is so excited about being a big sister and talks about "baby sister" all the time!

I had been keeping a list of funny quotes from Kenz for the past 6 months and sadly my phone died and I lost the list :(   I should've written them down but I always had my phone so it was easy to pull it out and type in whatever she had just said before I forgot it.  I have been trying to remember things for a journal but sadly I'm sure many will be forgotten.  However, here are few funny Makenzie-isms lately:

Everyday when Jake leaves for work "Daddy, don't foget anything at hoooome"
"But not an emergency"  (no clue where this came from, but it's hilarious when she says it) 
"In the whole world?"  (never used it in the right context)
"Lets just check about that"
At the dinner table almost every night- "Ok everybody put your hands in, (she counts to 10), Gooooo team!" 
"Mommy, I have a little belly ache, I pobably need some chocolate"
Me "I'm tired".  Makenzie "no you're not, you're tough"

A little Q & A we had with her at dinner September 15:
What's your favorite smell?  -"popcorn"
What do you love about Daddy?- "reading stories"
What's your favorite movie? - "Little Wascals"

Potty update-It's been 3 weeks and we've only had 2 accidents!  She has been so impressive!  She loves wearing her big girl underwear.  We put her in a pull-up for naps/bedtime but if she has to go before she falls asleep she will call for us and will not go in her diaper.  She also has woke up dry multiple mornings!  She definitely spoiled me!  

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Katie + Justin said...

OK SHE IS ADORABLE. I laughed so hard at all of her little sayings (: "Mommy, I have a little belly ache, I pobably need some chocolate" Such a good answer to her favorite smell ... I mean, who doesn't love the smell of popcorn?!