Sunday, October 14, 2012

19 weeks to Baby Sister!

I can't believe I'm half way to holding another sweet baby girl!

18 weeks-  Finally only feeling nauseas for a couple hours a day!  I really only get nauseas if I don't eat breakfast right away and about an hour before dinner.  Its definitely something I can live with...well until February.   But the most exciting part about this week...the BIG ultrasound!  We took Makenzie with us so she could see the baby on the monitor and maybe it would make it a little more real for her.  She loved it!  She kept waving at the monitor and asking us to tell the baby to wave at her and talk to her.  I am always amazed at the details you can see through the ultrasounds!  We were able to see tiny toes and fingers, her covering her ears with her hands and she was sucking her thumb!  :)   She had her legs crossed and was sitting on them, not a good position to try and see some boy or girl parts!  After about 45 minutes she moved just enough to let us know she's a GIRL!!  Makenzie is so excited about her baby sister and she talks about her all the time!  We could not be more excited!!

20 weeks-  Totally in maternity clothes!  Weight gain at about 20 lbs.  I started boot camp up again and it feels great to be exercising!  I just don't have the energy to keep up with Makenzie all day so working out is really helping with that!  Getting up at 5:15am, however, it not ideal!   I am feeling her move very often!  She's not a big kicker, but is very active!  HALF WAY!   
profile with her chin on her fist :)
tiny foot and tiny toes! 
kind of a creepy...haha!

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