Wednesday, April 13, 2011

makenzie's first heart break

makenzie's boyfriend left her. . . .for germany. . . .boo you germany.

this is logan bowerbank. he is so so cute and makenzie just LOVES him! they played together just about every day for the last 6 months. he is the one person, besides family, that makenzie instantly recognized and she would get so excited when she saw him! a few times during church when makenzie spotted Lo across the room she would stand up and seriously yell and flail her arms at logan! it was disruptive, funny, and so very cute!
and his parents are pretty cool too! :)
we miss you Bowerbanks!!!!
but this is not good-bye, just see ya later!!!!!

bff's forever!
table for 2 please!
my dc sisters- girls night out before janie left us!

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M&J Bowerbank said...

Such an adorable post. I was homesick yesterday! It got really bad! I wish the NBA would move to Stuttgart and you all would come with it!
Logan is totally missing his BFF! I need a framed picture ASAP of Makenzie for Lo!