Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

and i just can't hide it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mr. reynolds surprised me and is taking me to the sandy beaches of florida in may for our anniversary. . . .like just the two of us. . . .as in, uninterrupted dinners out, movie theatre every night, laying at the beach allll day. . . . .and sleeping in. . . .yes, just the two of us!

our anniversary is may 20th, we are going the 25th-30th! makenzie will be watched over with loving care by her grandma ingram and we will be so sad to not see her for a few days. . . .but momma needs a vacay!!!!!

jake and i had talked all season (nba season that is) about taking a trip when the season is over (last game was last night! Holler!). so the past week i have been researching and researching where to go. but jake did not seem excited and when i would ask his opinion on a place he was just ho-hum (real word?) about everything. i didn't understand why he was dragging his feet and not excited! then when I brought it up for the 256th time he finally had to say, "OK! so i have a surprise". so basically since i wouldn't shut up about all these plans and he already had something in the works, he had to fill me in so i didn't go and plan a whole vacation without him!!

we are so so so very excited! so in 43 days i will kiss my little girl goodbye for a few days, with a tear in my eye and big fat smile on my face! :)


dede said...

Just what every mom of a 1 year old needs!
Hope you have a GREAT time!

M&J Bowerbank said...

Yay! A much needed vacay! Now go do some massive shopping for your trip!

The Hoosiers said...

Yeah!!!!! I am so excited for you guys! Have a blast!!