Monday, April 4, 2011

makenzie monday!

this was even an improvement...she used to forget to uncover her eyes! it made for a really long game of peek-a-boo!

true love :)

she works hard for her money!


Allison said...

Oh man, I miss you guys!! Come back soon :)

OnlyAng said...

Hahaha, so cute!! I love that she had to peek through her fingers, the puppy kisses & her little calculator dance. I swear this little girl is just too darling.

cora said...

Super cute! Maddox really enjoyed watching the videos. He kept smiling and laughing at all her silly stunts.

dede said...

You're killing me.
This kid is too cute!
We Plummers miss her

Katie said...

So funny! I love how she even uses her hips to help her type!! Hahahaha. Love it (: Miss you beautiful blondies!

The Hoosiers said...

You are sooo cute! I adore you! I love your blog. Its so fun to see all of the fun things the Reynolds are up to! :) Miss you! Thanks for the comment on my blog! You are the best! Love ya!