Tuesday, February 22, 2011

101st post! Woot woot!

this is my 101st post! how cool is that?! i'm pretty excited about it!

kenz had her 12 month check up today and she is still a tall, thin, big headed chicky :)

head: 18.25 84%
height: 29.75 73%
weight: 20.4 36%

things we LOVE about makenzie:

*she still is obsessed with books! her favorite thing is to empty her whole bookshelf and look through every single book! she flips through each page. she also loves when we read to her. we read 3-4 books every night and before naps. her fav book right now:
"Llama Llama Red Pajama"
super cute book and she thinks its just hilarious!

*she is the chattiest little girl you've ever met! she seriously does.not.stop. gabbing!
especially if she has one of our cell phones in her hand.

*first "word/s"- Uh Oh!
it's so cute to hear her say! although it's a little un-fun at times because she drops things just so she can say it. so, i feel like i am constantly picking something up that she "dropped"! haha!

*she is so so close to walking all by herself! she is always standing alone and takes a couple steps here and there on her own. and her farthest is 6 steps! jake and i were really excited about that one!

*she is the dreamiest sleeper! every night we do our bedtime routine with her books, lay her in bed, say goodnight, and walk out the door and never hear a peep until about 7am.

*she eats anything and everything. she had her first french fry this weekend and wasn't really a fan?!?!?! but, that's about all she won't eat.
her favorites: all fruit, steamed carrots, grilled cheese, quesadilla, yogurt, pasta.

*she has quite the sense of humor! she will pretend to fall down and just laughs and laughs and she'll laugh if jake and i are laughing at something.

but, our absolutely, positively, 100%, mostest favoritest thing about kenzie is that she is the happiest girl i have ever met! she is always smiling, laughing, giving us hugs and kisses!!!
we love her so so so very much!

eating her cupcake on her birthday!

first of january- cruising around with her walker.

end of january- so proud of herself standing!



dede said...

LOVED Jakes song! I hope he'll sing it for us when we get together SOON.

Mak is growing up too fast.

OnlyAng said...

Hahahaha! Ok, 1) "little buddy come here" is just too funny and 2) I love how her little tongue just sort of pokes out to get the icing before she chomps down on the highchair tray. Soooo cute!!!