Wednesday, December 1, 2010

where to even begin....

To catch you up would be too overwhelming! I haven't blogged since end of OCT!!!! I can't believe it's been so long and everything we have been up to!!
This fall was by far the busiest time we've ever had! We had visitors or were out of town for 6 weeks straight! CRAZY!!!! but it was so much fun!!!

First things first....we have a 9 month old?!?!?! When did that happen??? I can't even believe she will be one year old in less than a few months!!!!!

Makenzie is a little gal! She is in the 15th % in weight and the 60th % in height!
Her favorites right now: any "real" food! She's not a fan of baby food anymore. She eats pretty much anything and everything! (except for the no no's like nuts, hot dogs, etc)
She LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, scrambled eggs.

those baby blue eyes melt us everytime!

She is a speedy crawler and pulls up on EVERYTHING! She also just started cruising up the stairs...yikes!!! We are working on getting back down, but she doesn't seem to get it yet. She waves at EVERYONE and is always smiling! She has 2 teeth on bottom and 3 on top!!!!! She's growing up so fast, but we are loving and cherishing every minute!! Her laugh is so cute and she loves being "chased" while she crawls away! love love love our little girl!

stay tuned: 2 week Indy trip in Nov, Thanksgiving in Park City, Utah, nephew Josh's missionary farewell, yea...there's still so much to blog about!!!


doddles said...

Good to have you back.
I need my Reynolds fix.
Keep it coming!

Francis Family said...

Yeah!!!! You're back! Does this mean you got a new computer? Cant Wait for all of the catch up posts!
Kenz looks so cute in those pictures...crazy thing is she is even cuter in person. Love that lady!