Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween...that wasn't that long ago, right?

catching up is hard to do when you are this far behind...but, hey, i'm trying!!

halloween in summit new jersey is so so cute. first there is a halloween parade at the elementary school, followed by trick-or-treating in town where all the shops hand out candy, topped off with a halloween parade on the block where you very cute. having a wee one made it even more fun!
all the kiddos geared up to trick or treat! Lex was a pirate and Kira was a gypsy!
they looked so awesome!

makenzie going as a sheep was not just an was a 4 yr olds could you ever say no to that adorable face?!?! eliza was Little Bo Peep and she requested that kenz be her sheep!
everytime i look at makenziein that outfit i can't help but giggle!

scott and jake with "the little fella"
(josh was visiting for the weekend! so much fun having him here!)

kenz got her first top tooth that weekend so she was a very sad looks like jake is carrying around a stuffed animal!
makenzie is actually in there....

kenz and joshy!

eliza and kenz in their matching bootiful shirts!
kenz was lucky enough to have 2 halloween costumes! this adorable bee costume was given to us and it was perfect for her halloween party at her gymboree class!!!
love that little bumble bee!
stay tuned: trip to indy, utah for thanksgiving, josh missionary farewell, favorites for winter, "waiting for sisiter"...whew...i'm exhausted already.
Happy Monday everyone! :)


Katie said...

She is just so cute!!! I love her smile - it reminds me of you! She seems like she's always so peppy and happy like you. I can't believe how big she is! Cutest lamb, ever.


Francis Family said...

Great pictures! That was quite the Halloween crowd.
It was great to see you guys over Thanksgiving---we're looking forward to some more Reynolds-ing soon