Friday, December 17, 2010

THANKSGIVING...i'm making progress!

Thanksgiving...that was only last month...i'm catching up!! YEA!!!!
Reynolds family Thanksgiving....brought together by Elder Joshua Reynolds!
Jake's nephew, Josh, is now serving a mission for our church in Dallas Texas! He left Dec 1st, so the east coast Reynolds flew out to Utah for Thanksgiving and to see him off! Everyone stayed in a resort in Park City- it was BEAUTIFUL and so much fun!! It was great being with everyone and being able to spend some time with Josh before he left!
View from our window...winter wonderland!

the kids made turkey hats...and jake too of course!

Kenz and Josh!

Eliza and Makenzie all bundled up! (it was freezing there!!)

Thanksgiving feast! (We missed the Whitings and Josh and Jer at dinner!)

Makenzie loving her Aunt Kim and Aunt Lisa!

This picture makes me laugh every time! The guys were so in to a movie and the kids came in and were being loud and this is how we found them....

Alexa, Kira, Kenz, and Lizey pajama party!

At Jake's parents house before church

The 3 Musketeers (or 3 stooges)

Jer, Jake, and Josh at Josh's farewell

The WHOLE Reynolds gang!!! What a good looking bunch!!!

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