Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last days in Jersey

I have sat down to update the blog 3 times now and just sat there...where do I even begin?!?! Our life the past month has been a complete whirlwind! There have been sad times and fun times, exciting times and overwhelming times with the BIG MOVE!
This is a hodge podge of pictures from our last bit in New Jersey. The reality that we moved still has not sunk in...we miss the O'Neils and our friends so very very very much! Luckily it wasn't good-bye, just see ya later!
Lisa, Scott, Alexa, Eliza, Jake, Me, Kenz, & Kira
After the girls ballet recital- Makenzie just had to wear her tutu :)
How adorable are these chics?!
4th of July- Makenzie's first encounter with fireworks!
Pool part and BBQ with friends
Lisa and I at Color Me Mine for Kik's bday party
Eliza, Kira (the Birthday Girl), Kenz, & Lex at Kira's bday party the day before we moved
Makenzie just lights up when these girls are around!
Before the movers....After....The room we brought Makenzie home from the hospital to...tear
Our bare bedroom
"Sisters" (and best buddies)
We threw a going away BBQ with our friends for the Nelsons who moved to California. We then found out we were moving so I'm so glad that we had done this!
Although this picture doesn't quite show it...Elizabeth and Makenzie are really BFF's! haha!
Will someone please bring us some Tratoria....we are going through serious withdrawals!!! :)

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Elizabeth said...

Emily! I can't believe you've moved as well! I loved your pictures. How is the new adventure going??