Monday, August 30, 2010

"Here we are in Newport Beach 2010, come take a seat, let's play remember when...

It's been a great ride with alot of tradition, but it won't be the same with Josh on his mission!"

The Reynolds Newport Beach vaca has come and gone once again :(
I just hate how that happens!
It was another awesome trip filled with sunny days at the beach, the "grown-up" walks on the boardwalk every morning, Ruby's on the pier for burgers & shakes, Crab Cooker & movie night, talent show, Fun Zone, games, lots of laughs, great food, and oh so much fun!
It was Kenzie's first time at the beach and although she looked Ahhhdorable in her swimsuit, she sure didn't last long- I could sit at the beach with a book or good gossip mag allll day, unfortunately, that wasn't her idea of a good time! She also had a rough time adjusting to the 3 hour time change...she woke up @ 4 am the first 3 days, ready to go!!! But, with all her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents oooing and aaahing over her all week she was a happy chic!

We had the 1st annual Reynolds Talent Show! Everyone participated, with the kids doing cute things like singing, dancing, signing, alphabets, etc, and the grown ups did not disappoint- we all embarrassed ourselves and had a great time doing it! (Sorry, no pics of that allowed) There were raps, skits, songs, dances, head stands, and an accordion... It was so much fun and we all had laugh tears by the end of the night! Definitely a new tradition!

Counting down til next year!!

representin the new squad!
Makenzie's biggest fans- Eliza & Dallas

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The Hoosiers said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! What a cute family you are!! We miss you tons! Kenz! you are adorable and we cant wait to see you again. Your blog is tooooo cute and it is totally inspiring! :) Thanks for all of the sweet updates on your family! Newport looks awesome!