Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas

For Christmas we went to Utah for a week and then Indiana for a week! We were so lucky to be able to go both places! It was so much fun being with both families! We were in Utah the week leading up to Christmas and then flew to Indy Christmas Eve and we're there until New Years Day! Both vacations were jam packed with family fun! It was so weird saying bye to everyone, knowing the next time we see them it will be with a new baby!!!

The Reynolds GirlsJake found the red bowtie in his old room at his mom's house and of course had to wear it the ENTIRE day- to The Nutcracker and the Holt Family Christmas!

The day we all flew to Utah, Jay had to have surgery so we had Christmas at the hospital!

Every year Jake's Mom gives the guys some kind of "experience". This year was Scuba Diving!

We went ice skating one day! I, of course, didn't, but Jake had a great time with all the kids!!!!

We were able to get together with some of Jake's best friends from High School! It was so fun catching up with them and of course meeting the new addition to the gang and possibly a future boyfriend for our little chick, Camden!


We also went ice skating in Indy! It was so cute seeing all the kids try it out!!
The whole gang! I can't believe how big our family is getting! We could not get enough of this cute girl, Bailey!

My parents always have a New Years Eve bash with family and friends!! It's always so much fun! We eat and play games all night, and don't forget the karaoke!!! Last year we didn't go to bed until 5am and this year it was 4am!


The Lusks said...

How fun! And your little belly is oh so cute!

OnlyAng said...

So happy we got to see you while you were here. I always love spending time with everyone and seeing your cute little baby belly is a highlight! Watching the calendar and waiting for little Miss Reynolds to arrive :)

Laura said...

yep, picnik!! under the collages section. i caved a subscribed to get the premium stuff. i'm such a sucker.