Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby, baby, baby

I can't believe I have 5 whole weeks left....I can't believe I have only 5 weeks left!!!!! Is it weird I'm not totally freaking out yet? I'm just SO READY! I'm ready for our little girl to get here! ready to NOT be pregnant! ready to wear my wedding ring again! ready to sleep on my back & stomach again! ready to put my shoes and socks on without feeling like I just ran a marathon! ready to be a mommy! ready to meet her! ready to see who she looks like! ready to see Jake be putty in her little hands! ready ready ready! (or at least I say that now...ask me again in 4 wks)

This baby is like a little gymnast! She's so busy and now that she's getting bigger and bigger, it really hurts sometimes!!! She loves playing with my ribs and it's almost like she straightens out her legs so that her heel will poke out of my side and she'll just leave it there to torture me for a bit! :( It's not much fun, but I can't help but smile! She's also been getting the hiccups alot lately!

So, Jake and I are not deciding on her name until we meet her, so with no name, there are a few things in her nursery that will not be completed until she's born and she has a name! And as soon I finish a few more things I will post pics of her ADORABLE room!! We are so in love with it! Jake's mom and dad came out and painted and helped put the furniture together! It's without a doubt a baby girls bedroom! pink pink pink! and I LOVE it! Almost every night I'll find Jake in her room just sitting in the rocking chair! It puts the biggest smile on my face!
Her adorable bedding!
her Boppy Swing that I want in my size!
My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag that Jake's sister's and mom got me! LOVE IT!
35 weeks- Baby in Time's Square- She loves the city already! :)
Our lives are about to be turned upside down!


OnlyAng said...

Woooo hoooo! Can't wait to meet her, too :) Thanks for the update, we all love them.

The Lusks said...

So precious! Enjoy the last of pregnancy while it lasts. It might be last time in a while that you get to sleep.

Laura said...

PETUNIA!!!!!!!!!!! Love the bag!! You will love yours. It's the best diaper bag ever....and I feel so cute wearing it. :)

tt moreno said...

HEY!!!!! I found your blog from your facebook and Im glad I did!

yeah for baby girls!!
<3 tina