Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our "Babymoon" in the Bahamas! (warning: Lots of pictures!)

Jake and I decided to take a trip while it's still "just the two of us" over Thanksgiving! We went to Nassau Bahamas for a week! It was as relaxing as a vacation can get!!! We slept in every morning (of course) and then went to the pool and/or beach from about 10-5 every day!!!! It was quite dreamy!!! We had so much fun together and now are just counting down the days until little chicky arrives!


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

ohhhh that looks like so much fun! good for ya'll to take some time for just the two of you. so have ya'll decided on a name for your little princess yet? do you get to stay home with her or will you have to still work?

STEPH TEAG n MO said...

Ohh my that would be so fun! Good for you Two! Cant wait for you to be a Mommy! its so fun!