Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jake's Utah Weekend!

About a week ago, Jake had the chance to fly to Utah for a quick weekend with his fam! Since Jason was having his surgery on Monday, the 3 siblings that live out of state flew in for the family to spend time with Jason before his surgery.

They spent the days watching old family videos, looking at old pictures, and reminiscing!

What a group!

Jason, Jake, Josh, and Jeremy (Jason's boys)

Lisa, Jason, Jake, Kim, and AshleyJason & Jake

Jake had the best time with his siblings, parents, Josh, Jer, and Gram! It was so great for him to spend time with everyone! Jason, we love you, miss you, and are thinking about you and Steph every minute of the day!! Stay strong and keep on keepin' on!!!!! Can't wait to see ya!!!!

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