Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jasons Story

Jake's brother, Jason, has an unbelievable story. 3 1/2 years ago Jason went in for a routine surgery, but a mistake during the surgery changed his life forever. Jason is an amazing example of having a positive attitude. Below is link to the Channel 2 News in Utah story that they did on Jason and his story. Please watch!

Jason is having a major surgery tomorrow (Oct 20) that could possibly change his life again, except for the good this time. If all goes well and as planned, he may be able to eat and drink again, without throwing up. Anyone who knows Jason or Stephanie (his wife) and his story will be thinking and praying for Jason. He has started a blog to tell his story and share his thoughts and insights on life. His complete story from him is on his blog. Reading it will change your perspective on life.

Jason has taught us how to be truly grateful for the little things in life and to not take a single day for granted. We love you Jason and Steph!


Mollie said...

Wow that is incredible! What a great outlook on life they have in the face of such struggles. We'll pray for a successful surgery!

The Clems said...

what a touching story. that really makes me reflect on my own life. thanks for putting that on your blog. i hope all goes well with his next surgery!

wild woods said...

Em wow that is a very sad story but i'm glad that he is so optimistic and i love his out look on life. How did the surgery in Oct. go? I hope well.