Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back home again in Indiana!

I just recently went home for a quick visit! It was so great to see my fam and friends!! There are 3 b-days in my family in Sept and Oct so we had lots of birthday parties! My sister's kids didn't know I was coming so it was fun surprising them! I was able to see my niece Kaley play in her first basketball game, where she had the whole family in her cheering section! I was there for the Relief Society broadcast and it was great to be able to go with my mom and sisters. Afterwards 10 "girls" went out for dessert...well it was supposed to be dessert, but we all ended us getting so much food considering it was 10:30! (Sorry again Katie :) It was so much fun!
And the rest of the week consisted of shopping all day and fun dinners at night! I miss everyone already and can't wait to see them again!
For anyone interested...I hear New York City is a really cool place to visit.... :) My nieces and nephew, Heidi, Riley, Kaley, and Molly
My niece Bailey- couldn't you just eat those cheeks! :)
Molly was also a fan of the flower hat!

Bailey and I share the same birthday!

Nieces Taylor and Halle- Bailey checking out her first birthday cake!

Wes and Bailey! I think she liked the chocolate cake!


Taylor Kowallis said...

Ohmigosh, Bailey is the spitting image of Wes! Wow! Your nieces are so cute!

Allen Lovers said...

Bailey is the cutest!! Looks like she had fun with her cake! I am so jealous that you were able to go home, we aren't planning a trip until Kate's graduation. We tried looking up some "surprise tickets" for Christmas and weren't able to find any for under $1000. We'll keep looking but aren't holding our breath. How about your plans?