Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Peyton to Eli

Jake started his new job with the Giants on Tuesday! It's a very happy day, except for the fact that I'M STILL IN INDIANA! :(
Jake moved out on Saturday and is staying with his sister and her family! I dont know what we would do without them! Our house is officially up for sale and we did find an apartment that we absolutely LOVE! Now, if we can just sell our house, then I can move too! Luckily Jake gets two days off for July 4th, so he'll be home next Thurs. It's not fun being away from your husband for 12 days!!! The house is pretty boring with just me and Oreo! But, I have rented some good chick flicks!


Andrea Steuer said...

I'm bored to death staying home all summer with Karsen, you can come over anytime! I'd love it.

Katie Petersen said...

AND You'll see me and Mo Mo this week.
So this week is going to be poppin' for you. :)

Rick & Liz said...

Yay for Emily and Jake having a blog! You guys are so cute. Rick and I have one too. I'd love to get you and invite. We have ours set to private so I'll need the email you used to set up your blog. If of course you want to be invited to ours ;) Um can you believe we have both been married for 3 years! :) (you of course had a little younger start than us but hey that just makes it fun that we have been married almost the exact same amount of time!) Anyway I hope to hear more from you soon. Send your email info to me at my gmail account Loves girly! Ps the other day I was watching old videos and totally came across the one of my "farewell" party. You know the one where we had the split screen and you and lindsey and crystal were all doing a reinactment of cinderella and where crystal did some crazy moves with the sleeping bag. LOL! So funny. My goal is to try and copy it to dvd and send everyone copies! :) LOL!

The Clems said...

Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it Emily! Good luck with your move!