Monday, June 9, 2008

Big things happenin!

It's been a crazy two weeks at the Reynolds house! Jake has been offered and accepted a position with the New York Giants! The crazy part is that he starts June 24th! So, we are working on getting our house up for sale, packing, finding a new place, and everything else in between! This is an unbelievable job opportunity for Jake! The hard part will be leaving the fam! It's been an awesome year being back home. We have had so much fun with my family and our friends here and are not wanting to say good-bye! But, we are so grateful and excited for this new adventure!


Andrea Steuer said...

What! Poo biscuits..we only had you guys for a year:( That's awesome that he got a new job though. You'll always be a phone call, email or blog away!

The Clems said...

You are moving to NEW YORK?? Crazy. That will be so fun!!!

The Lusks said...

How exciting! Good luck!

Stephanie and Moana Haretuku said...

Emily! Congratulations! that is so awesome! i am really happy for you two. hope everything is going well with you guys. it looks like it is. miss you. tell jake i said hi.

Skyler & Shannah said...

Emily, It was great to hear from you on my blog. NYC is a blast. You guys will be able to do so much and have great opportunities in addition to Jake's career.

Skyler and I are here as he is working as a summer associate for the summer and then we will move back after his graduation next year for him to work as a full-time attorney.

Hope to hear more from you! How exciting!