Thursday, August 23, 2012

Park City Reynolds Reunion

Over July 4th we had our annual Reynolds reunion!  Instead of Newport Beach, we stayed in Park City for the week.  We had an amazing 5 bedroom house with beautiful views!  We had are annual Talent show that did not disappoint!  On the 4th we went to the Main Street parade, had a bbq feast, and then went to a Rodeo!  It was such a fun day!  The rest of the week was spent swimming, shopping, playing games, eating, and catching up with everyone!  The guys went mountain biking and go-cart racing. The kids all play so well together and had a blast "rock sledding", snake hunting (ha!), riding their scooters, playing games, and swimming in our own hot tub!  Can't wait for next year!! 


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Oh how I miss going to the rodeo. Glad you got to enjoy one while in Utah. So fun!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Ahhh consider me your new blog stalker! Even if I talk to you almost every day it's still fun to read your posts! LOVE all the vaca pictures! I'm keeping your likes/dislikes in mind for the main course/dessert next week.. And the fact Jake won't eat greens... Weirdo. Keep the posts coming or I'll hound you! ;) yay baby #2!!!