Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its your birthday, it's a turning point, embrace it...

Nina Storey says it best, right Jake?! :) 
(Nina Storey "Its your birthday".  it will forever be stuck in your head)

We do birthdays right in the Reynolds house.  It's the one month day that is all.about.YOU.  Why would you do anything else but to live it up!  And even drag it out to about 3 or 4 days :)

Friday- We enjoyed an awesome date night out with dinner at The Palm steakhouse in DC where we ate waaaaaay too much amazing food and then saw the movie "The Man on the edge".  

Sunday, Jake's actual birthday started off with his 2 favorite things- chocolate chip pancakes and presents :)  
He was shocked when he opened up his new Ipad2!  
Makenzie immediately wanted to hold "daddy's new phone"
(she kept holding it to her ear saying "hello?  hello?")

I made him a little map of where we've lived :)

Kenz seems a little distracted...

Celebrating with friends
My first triple layered cake was a huge hit!
Happy Birthday to my favorite person!  I hope it was the best yet :)

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Katie said...

I LOVE the map! So cute (: Hope he's lovin' the iPad. We'll have to play each other on some Words with Friends or whatever (;