Tuesday, September 27, 2011

she's practically driving

i don't have a 19 month old...no i don't...what? i do? really? 
oh dear...i do!

her 19 month stats:
height:  33in  90%
weight: 24lbs  52%
head: 19in  90%

These are some recent pictures and videos of our crazy, chatty, loving, excited, dramatic girly!   

She is quite the big girl eating with her spoon and fork

anything she can carry as a purse she will! 
 she is completely obsessed with her puppy! he goes everywhere with us :)
 we are laughing everyday at this funny chic!  she is quite the ham and is always doing things to make us laugh!
 she loves giving kisses and hugs.  (we are working with her on not offering hugs and kisses to everyone she sees, she tried kissing a stranger that let her pet their dog...)
she is obsessed with all animals and loving doing all her animals sounds.
she loves loves loves books still!
she has started saying her abc's.
she loves to sing songs and do all the motions.  
she's obsessed with talking on the phone or anything she can pretend is a phone.
And she is the chattiest girl I've ever met!  Jake and I can barely get a word in!  
Our typical conversation:
kenz: "mommy, mommy, mommy" 
me: yes buddy? 
 kenz: grltl ajskdl aksdf puppy askldf rowrow (oreo) grllrlslsl
me: really?  
kenz: "yea, ha ha ha" 
then we both laugh! 

oooooooh we love her!!!! 


OnlyAng said...

I just LOVE when you post updates :) This little darling melts my heart. I love her talking to Daddy on the phone LOL

Katie said...

So cute! She is constantly smiling and so funny just like you, Em! (: Love the new layout too! CUTE!

Francis Family said...

She is so adorable! It makes me miss her (and you guys) like crazy when I read this. I love that lil lady.