Thursday, September 8, 2011

did August really happen???

you won't believe my really wont.
 it was crazy/busy/fun/awesome/exciting/exhausting/special!
i can't just do one post for the month- not possible!

here's a run down of our itinerary:
Aug 4-15 Indiana
Aug 15-20 Utah
Aug 20-26 Home
Aug 26-28 New Jersey
Aug 29-Sept 1 Indiana
Sept 2-5 New Jersey
and finally back home again....

see i told you.

our first trip to indy included:
- the 29th annual Hill Family Reunion- my dad's extended family, 109 in attendance.  It was so wonderful to be there and feel the love that our family has!  we had an entire camp rented out.  it had everything you could want for fun!  I'm so grateful for this tradition!

-meeting baby Mia!  The newest member of the Ingram clan! 

-trip to the state fair! 

-Makenzie's first boating trip! 
helping papaw at the grill

just a few of the grandkids and great-grandkids!

beautiful baby Mia on her blessing day

meeting "mee-mee"
the Ingram grandkids! 

a trip home isn't complete without a cousins bath (or 2 or 3)
we love "Aunt" Carly and "Uncle" Brad

well that's about 1/15th of the pictures that i took.  there are too many, can't do it!  i'm hoping to be completely caught up this weekend.  

i've missed this blog.  i'm excited to be back!  home sweet home!

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