Tuesday, July 12, 2011

newport news

as i previously posted, we just returned from our annual reynolds newport beach vacation! there were a few new changes- 2 beach houses instead of 1, and a new location much closer to the beach- and there were many of the same awesome traditions!

we were very pleasantly surprised at how well miss makenzie did this trip! 5+ hours of flying and a 3 hr time difference is never easy to start. but she had a crib and her own room, so she slept like a champ. she also warmed up (its a big loud crowd!) right off the bat and was loving on everyone!

we spent our days at the beach, enjoying the perfectly sunny and warm weather, playing in the waves and building sand sharks! our evenings were filled with delicious food, s'mores, sunsets at the beach, and lots of laughing and reminiscing!

makenzie loved her boys, jer and josh
our little beach babe actually hated the sand. but one day she loved playing in the waves and was content chillin at the beach...and that day i took lots of pictures! :)
2nd annual talent show
not pictured (will never be pictured) is me and jake's lip synch performance to barbie girl :)
fun by the fire!
4th annual 'Dot' cup!
this really deserves an entire post, but the basics are: late night, 4th meal, stupid funny dare, nephew stuck in the freezer for 45 minutes, 2 seconds away from calling fire department, freezer and nephew survived, a few side aches from laughing so hard....
after makenzie's sunscreen spray down :)
adults night out to dinner at crab cooker (a newport staple) and a movie!
the most beautiful sunsets
our little jet-setter :)


dede said...

How much will it take to see the Barbie girl singing? I KNOW someone has it on video. I've got to see it!

Jake and Em said...

Dede it will cost you one trip to DC! :)