Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just some random goodies

i didn't believe it either...but CAFE RIO has indeed made it's way east of Arizona!
Two have now opened up near us!
the bummer is they are both 45 minutes away (not that it stopped us from going 2 weekends in a row)! the plus side to that is we wont eat there every other least most weeks we wont. jake and i were so obsessed with Rio when we lived in utah and we eat there at least twice every time we visit the west. i'm kind of drooling just talking about it...
(sorry about the crooked picture, i had makenzie in my arms and was hurrying to get in line, it was already out the door!)

lil miss has been sleeping like this for her naps this week...comfortable?
we recently took a trip to the Oxon Hill Farm in Maryland with some friends and met up with our other friends- cow, goat, pig, horse, and chicken.
we "planted" some veggie seeds...they're call GrowUms. They are for kids (or black thumb adults like myself) and are supposedly 'fool proof'....we will see about that.
makenzie being cute...but what's new :)
my little helper!
these are not chocolate chocolate chip cookies!
put cookies in oven, makenzie wakes up, playtime begins, "what's that smell?"....
Jake surprised me Monday night with two tickets to see taylor swift next wednesday!
makenzie & daddy get a date and mommy, girlfriend, and taylor have a date!!!


The Clems said...

so, i could have this wrong, but do you live in AZ?? Anywho, i am soooo jealous of you! i have wanted to go see taylor forever!!! take pics!

Jake and Em said...

Hey Katie! No, we live in Virginia, just outside of DC. and i am so excited for Swifty! :) I saw her 2 years ago in NY and she was awesome!

The Beckstroms said...

I love Makenzie's swimsuit in the top picture. Darling. Looks like you guys have been busy! We head back to D.C. in two weeks so hopefully you will be bak from Utah! Glad you guys are doing well.