Wednesday, September 29, 2010

why do you blog?

Well, I'm going on week 2 of no computer. I do have a blackberry so I'm not totally out of it, but I can't do everything I need/want to and I can't post any pictures, which truly saddens me!

Makenzie has had the biggest month of change and I'm dying to plaster this blog with pics of her adorable squishy face!! Hopefully soon!

Now, on to the real reason of this post...since I really haven't been able to blog the past 2 weeks, its got me thinking about why I do it. My name is Emily and I love to blog. There are many reasons, but the main reasons are keeping family and friends updated with stories and pictures and its "me" time and its a great way to journal.
Since we don't live by any family (boo hoo!) Its so important that they are able to see Makenzie grow and change! When Makenzie is napping its always a mad dash of what all can I get done! Then- its ME time! And that's when I get to read, blog, or watch Ellen :)

So I want to know...

Why do YOU blog?????

Make a post about why you blog and then pass it on!


Stephanie and Moana Haretuku said...

I blog because i am not a scrapbooker or very good at my journal anymore. So i figure if i can Blog threw out my year i can print it off with one of those companies on line that makes little books and have a Scrapbook/journal of each year. This is my first year and i am so excited about it!

Stet said...

i don't blog. i just constantly check yours to see how my long lost friend and beautiful mini me are doing ... miss you !!! xo

The Lusks said...

I blog because I suck at journaling. And I suck at scrapbooking. So this is an easy way to do both. And it's also therapeutic.

OnlyAng said...

I have TWO blogs and have tried to keep them current. Needless to say, they aren't! However, I follow quite a list of other blogs and yours is at the top of my list - I love the updates on what your little family is up to and anxiously wait for new photos of your princess. A few family get togethers each year are just not enough!