Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trip!

It's a Christmas miracle...I have internet at the moment! I have SO SO SO much to post! Our internet has been so flakey lately and I just hate not being able to post anything and boy do I have things to share! :)
Last weekend, we drove down to DC to find a new home! It was a really quick trip, but so much fun! Checking everything out, Jake and I got really excited about our new place. The drive down was so easy and it's a quick 3.5 hours, and since we will be driving it ALOT, we were excited about that! Makenzie was a champ and slept pretty much the entire drive and was so great on our looooonnng day!
I always love a good road trip with Jake because there is just nothing to do but talk and jam out :) We always have so much fun and we have had our fair share of road trips
(Utah to Indy=24 hour drive, drove it 3 times, NJ to Indy= 11 hour drive, 3 times)!

We found our new home in Alexandria, VA just outside of DC! We fell in love with Alexandria, especially Old Town! It's part of the historic district in Alexandria and it's the cutest place!! And our new place is only about 4 miles away. It had cobblestone sidewalks and streets lined with restaurants and shops! The main street (King Street) leads down to the Potomac River waterfront, it was beautiful! We know we will spend so much of our time there.

Potomac River waterfront

Walking around Old Town Alexandria

We love a good "Life is Good" store!

No need for words here :)

Chillaxin in the king size

The Washington Monument- drive by
Another awesome thing about our new place is how close we are to DC! Jake will be working in DC and we are only 8 miles from his work!! So excited to be so close to an awesome new city! Our official move in date is Fri, July 23. Once we get moved in and settled I will, of course, post pictures of our new home!

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