Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Makenzie visits the Hoosier State

(Warning...LOTS of pictures- 2 weeks worth!!)
Makenzie and I just returned home from quite the vaca! We spent 2 full weeks in Indy! Unfortunately, Jake was only able to come for a weekend. It was such a fun time and we miss all of you already!! We visited with lots of family and friends, played lots of games, went to Kohls every other day, and just loved being with everyone, especially Grandma & Grandpa!
The cousins LOVED holding and playing with Makenzie! It was so fun to see her with all of my neices and nephews! In the pictures, she looks less than amused but she actually was super smiley and chatting when the little kids would talk to her! It was so cute!
Bay & "Kidney" (that's how Bailey says her name :)
Halle & M (Halle probably loved on Kenz the most, she was always asking to hold her and would just sit with her for as long as Makenzie would let her!
Lydia, Molly, & Makenzie (Lydia will be 1 in just a week! Crazy! We kept joking that she looked like she ate Makenzie for breakfast!)
Grant LOVED Uncle Jake! He is the most cuddly little man!! He was always giving hugs and snuggling! So cute! (He also wanted to eat Makenzie!)
Uncle Greg & Kenz bonding
Bay, Tay Tay, & Halle
May 8 was the Indy Mini-Marathon- largest 1/2 marathon in the country! My family runs it ever year and this year was actually my dad's 10th year to run it!! Jake had signed up for the half, but had, unfortunately, injured himself while training so he just ran the 5k with me! Thanks Grandma for watching Kenz and giving me your 5k!
It was a COLD and oh so WINDY morning, but still a totally fun atmosphere being downtown with over 35,000 runners!!!!
Julie & Kaley ran the 5k!
First Mother's DayMy grandma, My mom, & My daughter
It was so fun visiting with my girlfriends! One of my closest friends had a baby girl the day before I arrived in Indy! It is so wonderful to have friends that you have grown up with and now have husbands and kids and houses and grown-up jobs, but that you can still laugh and joke like you are back in middle school! :)

Lydia Rose, Carly, & momma Allison

Lydia & Makenzie...future BFFs meeting for the first, we did not plan the matching was just meant to be! It was so sad for me to see how big Makenzie looked compared to Lydia and they are only 10 weeks apart! AND Makenzie and Lydia weighed the same at birth! Ahhh...the time goes by too fast...*tear*

"Uncle Brad & Aunt Carly"

Favorite Aunt Michelle
Last Ingram family pictures....2006 (not THAT long ago)
# New babies....5 (we do not play around)
First family photo :)
The dads (Pictures were the same day as the Mini-Marathon and like I said before, COLD & WINDY! Reason for the jackets & blankets)

Makenzie had a few first while in Indy...first sink bath (#1 & #2)
first time sleeping in a closet (it was a BIG walk-in...c'mon people)
first time laughing...yep, you read that right....cutest sound my ears have ever heard
Sink bath #1

Sink bath #2 (Look at that bod...just puttin out the vibe....)
Downtown Indy

Mom, Julie, Kenz, Kaley

Kenz loving downtown
We had so much fun being home and miss everyone so much!!! Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa- thanks for a great trip and can't wait to see you again soon!!!
We love you!!! *drool* from Kenz


ashley whiting said...

Looks and sounds like so much fun! I am DYING waiting for this weekend :) Love you guys and CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MAKENZIE!!!

Allison and Matt said...

wow, when you put it like that you were 2 busy ladies! I'm so sorry my amazing delivery bit me in the butt and I was out of commission the whole time you were here :( I think I need to make a New Jersey trip when Lydia is old enough to handle it and our BFF girls can hang out more! Miss you already!!