Sunday, May 2, 2010

great food, great friends, great day!

There is nothing better than a beautiful day in the big city! Last weekend, we drove into New York with our friends to spend the day...

First thing on the agenda...SHAKE SHACK! Jake and I had been hearing about this amazing burger spot in the city, but had yet to eat there. We waited in line for over an hour....SO WORTH IT!!!!! We got burgers, fries, and shakes. It was one of the best burgers we have ever had! It's definitely one of our new NYC spots!
Loves her Daddy!
Next on the to-do was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It was 1.1 miles one way. The view walking from Brooklyn into Manhattan is so pretty! And it was perfect timing with the sun going down!

We had such a fun day and can't wait for our next adventure!


OnlyAng said...

apparently I'm a stalker... i can't get enough of your site and updates - your little family is so beautiful, em! looks like a fabulous day in NYC

Laura said...

where'd you get that adorable flower bow?!!! So cute! Looks like a great day! So jealous that you have the city so close. :)

Steph said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to kiss that little girl. Love you guys.

The Clems said...

oh im so jealous! i want to visit NY so bad. my dad lives there and brags all day about the food and all the fun things to do. you guys are so cute!