Thursday, April 1, 2010

New York Rangers newest fan!!

My entire pregnancy Jake kept asking when Makenzie's first Rangers game would be. season, was always my reply. What kind of mother would I be if I took a newborn into NEW YORK CITY to a HOCKEY game?!? well....I'm still a good mom....right?! :)
Jake's Mom, Grandma, brother Jason, and nephew Josh were all in town and were going to the game with Lisa & Scott and Jake. I was so excited for Jake to go because we hadn't been to a game since his bday, Feb 5! But, then Lisa said that they were going to be in a suite and asked if I was coming...what to do...LET'S GO KENZ!!! Since we were in a suite with just the fam I wasn't worried about the noise or any strangers touching her. She ended up sleeping the ENTIRE game except when we got her up to eat and take pictures! She's such a trooper! Makenzie was good luck too- the Rangers beat the Islanders 5-0!!!!

(and we only took her coat off to take the picture...)

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Katie said...

Oh, Em! So stinkin' cute. LOVE that you took her to a Rangers game. Hilarious (: