Monday, February 8, 2010

Jake's Surprise Birthday Bash!

Last Friday, Jake celebrated his 26th birthday! We had such a fun weekend together and I pulled off my first ever surprise birthday party! On Friday (his actual bday) we had french toast for breakfast in bed and then kept it low key that night with dinner at our favorite pizza spot in town and a movie!
Saturday we went shopping for Baby and finished up all the last minute items we needed! We both just love shopping for her! :) That night we went into the city for dinner at Gyu-Kaku. It's a Japenese Barbecue style restaurant where you cook your food on the grill at your table! It was not only a really fun restaurant but the food was A-MAZING!!! After dinner we headed to our next stop...the NY Rangers game!!! Jake knew all the plans to this point. He knew we were going to the game (His one request!) However, he had NO IDEA that I had invited 16 of our close friends to join us for the game!!!! They were all waiting in the suite when we arrived! Jake was so surprised and so excited!!! We had so much fun with everyone and it was a GREAT win!!! After the game, the whole group got to go on the ice for pictures! Thanks to Scotty & Lisa for the awesome hookups and help pulling it all off!!!!!
S'mores for dessert = Jake's FAV! (He even ordered extra and I couldn't tell him that we would have more food and Birthday cake in the suite in about an hour!)
View of the citay from our table
Everyone patiently waiting for the Birthday boy to arrive!

The whole gang in the suite
On the ice after the game!


ashley whiting said...

Happy Birthday Kid! That sounds so fun and I am so glad it the surprise was a success. Love you guys!

OnlyAng said...

Looks like you both had a great time :)